Rav Shalom Cohen: Don’t Do Ultrasounds During Pregnancy


Rav Shalom Cohen on Tuesday told his followers not to do any ultrasounds during pregnancy, Kikar Shabbos reported.

According to Kikar Shabbos, former Sephardic Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar was also present at the gathering, as were rabbis from the Bonei Olam organization, which helps couples pay for fertility treatments.

“I am telling everyone: Today, I don’t know what they demand from pregnant women, to come, to do an ultrasound, to see if it’s male or female, to see if it’s whole or not whole. For what reason?

“I am telling you, the best thing is not to go anywhere.”

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  1. Well if he puts it that way it makes sense but didnt anyone inform him of all the other things they are checking for? And how they may actually save a child if they notice some abnormalities on time.

  2. no big news r chaim kanievsky and r moshe Feinstein have been saying this for years as well as r yakov forcheimer in lakewood

  3. Not sure I understand. Surgery can now be done in utero or can prepare the doctor for defects that can be dealt with immediately at birth. If he means that ultrasound is used solely for the purpose of finding out what gender the baby is, then of course. Otherwise, someone should explain to him the brocha that this miraculous diagnostic tool affords us.

  4. No real doctor would ever recommend not taking ultrasounds. There are so many verified benefits from knowing and identifying scans

  5. No real doctor would ever recommend not taking ultrasounds. There are so many verified benefits from knowing and identifying scans. This is not good medical advice. Believe whatever makes you happy

  6. There’s a high degree of inaccuracy in diagnoses made from US. Very high rate of false positives and who knows how many people (not from the frum velt) abort if they hear that the baby has some or other problem.
    Most of the things they look for can’t be dealt with in any case.
    And the safety of the US procedure as it is done today has not been tested. The tests were made on US done decades ago when the level of US used was much lower. Ask your ob/gyn when the last tests were done, and for the technical details, and let’s see if they even know what they’re talking about when they answer.
    I would bet most of us either experienced or know of a case where a mother was told that according to the US there was a certain problem, and the advice was to abort, and then a healthy baby was born. I know of at least one such case. But how many of us have heard of cases where a life was saved because of pre-birth surgery? It’s extremely rare.
    So yes, extreme caution. Better not to do them at all. That was also what the Lubavitcher Rebbe ztz”l said.


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