Rav Shlomo Avigdor Altusky to Visit BoysZone

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altuskyBoysZone, the renowned boys camp in Gilboah, NY, run by Oorah Kiruv Rechokim, will have the privilege of hosting Rav Shlomo Avigdor Altusky, rosh yeshiva of Bais Medrash Heichal Dovid at Yeshiva Darchei Torah in Far Rockaway. Rav Chaim Mintz, the beloved founder of Oorah, will welcome Rav Altusky to the camp. Rav Altusky will greet the boys early this afternoon and share words of chizuk with the campers at BoysZone.

Currently, the camp is in midst of color war, with the teams of “Yarmulke” and “Tzitzis” squaring up.

The boys, who come from many different backgrounds and varying levels of religious observance, are growing in Yiddishkeit and learning about their heritage in the wonderful environs of BoysZone.

The camp season for 2009 will conclude next week Wednesday, as the staff members, bnei Torah from across North America, will return to their respective communities with the knowledge that they have changed the lives – or at least positively influenced – hundreds of Yiddishe neshamos.

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  1. Unfortunately there are very few ‘relatively young’ Gedolim today. We are a Dor Yesomin. However, Rav Altusky Shlita is one of those rare exceptions. He is the ‘real deal’. May Hashem bentch him and his family with brocha and hatzlocha.

  2. He is a developing story in the olam hayeshivos. A son in law of Rav Mottel Weinberg ztl and talmid of Rav Shmuel Birnbaum.


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