Rav Shmuel Epstein zt”l


shmuel-epstein-degel-hatorahIt is with great sadness that we report the passing last night of Rav Shmuel Epstein zt”l, noted askan and confidant of gedolei Yisroel. He was 83.

Rav Epstein was born in Eretz Yisroel in 1929 to his parents, Reb Yitzchok and Mrs. Esther Epstein.

In his youth, he studied at Yeshivas Tiferes Tzion in Bnei Brak. He married his wife, Bruriah, a daughter of Reb Yitzchok Yehuda Levit, noted supporter of Yeshiva Ponovezh who was close to the Ponovezher Rov zt”l.

After residing in Tel Aviv, he moved to Bnei Brak, where for years he served as a public servant and devoted askan who worked to help people in myriad ways.

Rav Epstein was close to numerous Torah leaders, including the Steipler Gaon, Rav Yaakov Yisroel Kanievsky zt”l, Rav Elazar Menachem Man Shach zt”l, and yibadel lechaim Rav Chaim Kanievsky shlit”a.

Rav Epstein was a fixture at the Lederman Shul on Rechov Rashbam in Bnei Brak, where for over fifty years he never missed a vosikin minyan, also holding a learning seder afterward davening each day.

He was an important member of the movement to establish the Degel HaTorah party under the guidance of the gadol hador, Rav Shach zt”l, in 1989, forging a close kesher with the Ponovezh rosh yeshiva.

Rav Epstein was a co-founder of the Israeli Yated Ne’eman newspaper and served as a member of its board.

Rav Epstein was recently diagnosed with pneumonia and was hospitalized at Mayanei Hayeshuah Medical Center.  Last night, he was visited at the hospital by Rav Chaim Kanievsky. Shortly thereafter, surrounded by his children and grandchildren, his neshamah returned to its Creator.

Rav Epstein is survived by his sons, Rav Yeshayahu Epstein and Rav Yosef Shimon Epstein, and his daughters, the wives of Rav Yeshayahu Lapin and Rav Ephraim Orlansky; and many grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

The levaya was held this morning beginning at his home on Rechov Devorah Haneviah and continuing to the Lederman Shul on Rechov Rashbam. Kevurah took place at the Ponovezher Bais Hachaim in Bnei Brak near the kever of Rav Shach.

Yehi zichro boruch.

{Matzav.com Israel News Bureau}


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