Rav Shmuel Meir Katz Releases Letter Regarding Corzine Election Rumors

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ravshmuelmeirkatzelectionletter2009-small1[Letter below.] Rav Shmuel Meir Katz, one of the senior poskim in Beth Medrash Govoha in Lakewood, has written a letter in response to rumors that he and/or other poskim in the yeshiva, including Rav Yaakov Forchheimer, Rav Shmuel Felder, Rav Osher Chaim Lieberman and Rav Simcha Bunim Cohen, said that Lakewood residents should vote today for Governor Jon Corzine.

The text of the letter is as follows:

There is a letter that says that “Rabbonim were consulted who were maskim that it is mutar to vote” for Corzine. If this is mashma to you that me or R’ Forscheimer or R’ Felder or R’ Lieberman or R’ SB Cohen were consulted, that is not so.

SM Katz

The full actual letter can be viewed by clicking here.

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  1. The Lakewood issue has spearheaded & twisted into a convoluted debate and has nothing to do with the candidates anymore.

    Within the next ten years (if Mashiach does not arrive), Lakewood will evolve into a lovely suburban diverse heimshe community with various communities, shuls, schools, shopping, eateries, community centers and a Torah Center. It will not remain a Torah Center surrounded by communities, shul, schools, etc…..but a Diverse community with a Torah center within.

  2. In Baltimore, when Rabbi Naftoli Neuberger was alive, many frum people asked him whom he voted for and he would release a list of the people he was voting for. He never said that you had to follow his lead. Rabbonim and Roshei Yeshiva did not issue such letters.

    Stop pretending and just act like citizens of a democracy.

  3. I dont get it!

    Christie says he is for bringing school vouchers to NJ.

    If thats the case, that could help every familly in Lakewood and not just those associated with the VAAD.

    So between those who want lower taxes and those wanting school vouchers, whats even the Shaylah?

  4. In the current political climate, the chances of school vouchers becoming a reality in NJ are slim to none, regardless who wins this specific election. New Jersey is one of the bluest of states. As importanrt as this race is, no single politician is going to be able to change the balance.


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