Rav Shteinman On the Funeral of Slain Lakewood Officer


rav-shteinmanYesterday, as reported extensively here on Matzav.com, thousands of bnei Torah in Lakewood, NJ, led by their esteemed roshei yeshiva, took part in the funeral of Officer Christopher Matlosz, who was shot in the line of duty on Friday. The Lakewood frum community joined in the procession paying last respects to the officer.

Maran Rav Aharon Leib Shteinman was informed this morning that the city of Lakewood was being closed to traffic for the funeral of the officer who was shot to death.

Rav Shteinman responded that it is a very important display of respect, since the murder of a police officer is so significant and such a devastating crime, because it creates an atmosphere in which there is no fear for the law. As the Gemara says, explained Rav Shteinman, if not for fear of the government, people would commit crimes against their fellow man, destroying humanity.

Indeed, those who attended or heard about today’s funeral, or watched videos online and viewed photos of the event, have remarked that it was a great display of respect and a kiddush sheim Shomayim on the part of the Torah community of Lakewood.

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  1. its very simple. it was menthlich for anyone in lkwd to go to funeral. and no doubt a kiddush hashemwas made by lkwd. very nice but matzav, please move on. they did a good thing, why the need to sensationalize why are we celeberities in lkwd that every little thing has to be published. its simple thing to do- its such a kiddush hash because it would been a bigger chillul h” if they didnt go. i feel very proud that they went. but matzav you and the whole olam have to move on

  2. Come on “seichel” . Guess you dont have much “seichel” You make it sound that its been days or weeks after the fuineral. Its only the next day and there is nothing wrong. Of course we are all gonna move on. Guess you have something against Lakewooders, well guess what, Lakewood is a great community.

  3. Seichel – your dead wrong on this one. Don’t move on! Torah is Nitzchiyus. Each year we read the same Parshios agin as the last year. Each Blatt Gemora we learn and we should Chazer. We don’t “move on”. When such a wonderful display of Kiddush Shem Shomayim happens through the Oilam Hatorah – then one of our Gedolay Yisroel brings a Raya through our Nitchiyusdiga Gemora this calls for everyone to STOP and not move on – rather focus on the Gadlus of Klal Yisroel, be proud of your yiddishkeit and realize that we are the ones who teach the world how to act.

    If we just “move on” then a strong lesson is lost. Let us all focus on yesterday, realize the power of a Kiddush Hashem, be proud the we have Manhigim, Gedolim and Roshei Yeshiva to lead us and show our children how one must act.

    I don’t live in Lakewood but because of what I have seen and read here I feel elevated as a Frum Yid and so thankful to be a part of this Am Hanivchar.

    Me Keamcha Yisroel!!!! I am not ready to move on I want to sit and bask in the glory of a great Kiddush Hashem.

  4. One thing we can take out of these words is that the reason we went is NOT “so that it should’nt be a chillul Hashem” like i heared so many say. (That implies that really we should not be going mitzad ourselves, just we need to avoid chillul Hashem.) That is wrong. Maran is saying that we are going to display respect – derech eretz mitzad ourselves. These officers put their lives on the line for us each day – this is basic Derech eretz and hakaras hatov on OUR part.

  5. ok i appreciate comments. i see the need to clarify what i said. 1. i learned in lkwd and respect and like lkwd. 2. “move on” i do not mean forget about it! chas veshalom. of course you are right its nitckius and everyone should have chizuk from it. i just meant why do we need rav shteinman to tell us? why the need. its poshut thing and simply right thing and good thing. everyone that joined knows that. 3. “move on” take inspiration and do the next good thing because its right and u know it with out big announcements. Yisro came inspired and did something about it we all do the same.take pride because we did the right thing-every one that showed up did the right thing. thats where pride is not because attention andapproval from big ppl. kiddush hashem yes is wonderful but simple

  6. How much brains does someone actually need to understand this concept that they need Rabanim to explain it. It’s a davar pashut to be a mensch.


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