Rav Shteinman Pays Rare Visit To Rav Amnon Yitzchak

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rav-amnon-yitzchakOn Tuesday, Rav Aharon Leib Shteinman paid a rare visit to Rav Amnon Yitzchok, one of the primary leaders of the teshuvah movement in Eretz Yisroel, whose phenomenal efforts have resulted in literally tens of thousands of Jewish souls returning to their roots.

The meeting, which had been kept relatively quiet, lasted several minutes.

The senior rosh yeshiva of Yeshiva Orchos Torah walked up four flights of stairs, as there is no elevator in the building in which Rav Yitzchak lives.

rav-shteinman1A number of mekuravim of Rav Shteinman were allowed to be present during the meeting. Sources relate that Rav Shteinman and Rav Yitzchak discussed a new venture designed to bring taharas hamishpacha to every home in Eretz Yisroel.

According to one source, Rav Shteinman requested that no pictures be taken of the meeting for publication in newspapers.

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  1. Rav Shteineman really does not agree to R Amnon’s meathod, of proving Logically that there is a God. People usually get turned off within a year when they realize that the logic is Upgeshlogin.
    He only believes in Emunah Pshutah. There’s nothing else.

  2. Excuse me Mr. Yeshiva … “Rav Shteineman really does not agree to R Amnon’s method” … is that so? I bet Rav Shteinman wishes there were more like Harav Amnon Yitzchak.
    He is a superstar and has done more for Acheinu Bnei Yisrael than almost anybody!
    Get with the program buddy.

  3. 1, don’t be a Na’ar. Yes, for us we should focus on Emunah P’shutah, But when an ‘Apikoros’ is attacking you logically you do have to respond, which is alot of what’s happening.
    And Amnon Yitzchak focuses a lot on Emunah Pshutah too.

  4. This argument is not correct. There is no absolute deductive proof of the existence of Hakadosh Boruch Who but it is far, far more logical to assume an all powerful creator that has created this unbelievably complex and wonderful world and all its creatures.

    Once the discredited theory of evolution is discarded, the amazing features of each complex being and their interactions vibrantly point to an all powerful and wonderful G-d and the shaar habechina of Rabbeinu Yonah points this out in great detail.

    It is the obligation of all to strengthen their emuna by seeing evidence of Hashem in everything in life.

  5. To #1

    He was once asked, if everything complex, has to have a Creator, than who created this complex Creator?

    He finally answered, that our minds are to shallow, to fathom such thoughts.

    So they asked him, But it was this same very shallow mind that you used, to prove that there is a God to begin with?

    He smiled and could say nothing.

    Most Gedolim only agree to Emunah Pshutah.

  6. To #8

    That question is the oldest one in the books, namely ‘So who created G-d’, which I remember thinking about when I was 8 years old. Just because you can’t answer it doesn’t prove anything, just like we can’t comprehend infinity.

    I don’t need proof that someone created the carvings on Mt. Rushmore, and that they didn’t happen by themselves over millions of years. It’s obvious to any think being. Is that Emunah Peshutah or logical?

  7. Lieby [8],
    You really don’t know what you’re talking about, nor did you understand what you heard.

    What he said is exactly what the Ramba”m and Chovos Halevavos said, as well as any scientist. There are things that are simply not COMPREHENDABLE to our minds, but one still should reject things which are CONTRADICTORY to the mind.

  8. its not a bizayon for Rav Shteinmen that he walked up the stairs…
    its a havod for us to be able to see our gadol ha’dor stand up and go take care of klal yisroel and not sit and be makipid on kavod… what greater kavod is there other than serving Hashem??
    and its a really nice message of achdus when the senior lithuanian gadol ha’dor can give kavod to a sephardic gadol….
    ashreinu maa toiv chelkeinu..
    Goyim dont even aspire to see stuff like this..
    by a gadol,,, its pushit

  9. Emunah Pshutah in how HKB”H runs the world is ideal. But you must use your seichel to prove that there is a creator. if not, what kind of schar do you think you deserve for blindly following the words and beliefs of you parents and grandparents. You are then no different than any other ummah haolam that follows their beliefs. Chareidim – open your eyes, HKBH gave you a kupp for a reason. USE IT.

  10. I don’t believe a word of what you said. Are you 7 years old? Rav Amnon deals with intelligent people many in their 20’s and 30’s who have college degrees and have studied philosophy and such. This is a basic question that they all ask. If he can’t find a way to answer them then how did he make 10,000’s of Baalei Teshuvah. You think they didn’t have that same question that most people even frum ones ask when they are young and then learn an answer or go on with Emunah Peshutah? Please!

  11. 1. What you state is Apikursis.
    2. There’s a beautiful Sefer called Chovos Halevovos that explains all the logical ways of proving there’s a Hashem in the world. Its a very deep sefer I suggest you get one and see what you are missing!

  12. “who created this complex Creator?”

    The creator was never created. HKB”H always existed. The explanation for that is that ‘matter’ is limited to time and space. HKB”H is Haya, Hoveh, V’yiyeh and not limited to time or space. What that means is that to HKB”H, there isn’t ‘before’ and ‘after’, its all one. Therefore, HKB”H always existed since HKB”H isn’t limited to time and space, and therefore he was never created, as he always existed.

  13. there are things in the world that you know are there, but can’t prove it or explain it, for example – gravity. there must be gravity although you cant touch it or see it.
    there must be a creator who was always in existence, otherwise how did original matter start? (evolution doesn’t answer that)
    although you cant understand it, but it must be that way.

    #1 if you think that the logic can be ‘upshlugen’ you need help. because you are unfortunately a bona-fide apikorus. because YOU dont understand, does not mean that there is no logic. it’s up to you to go out and do your research to understand why it IS logical. there are many seforim and books on the topic

  14. I watched a video of Rav Amnon once. It was based on Yesodos of Emunah as learned in Nefesh HaChayim. The Rav is Yisraeli and I imagine speaks to the stam frei Yid in Israel in a way that is L’fi darcho. My favorite explanation of emunah was in Rav Samson Rafael Hirsch’s Sefer Nineteen Letters. Just as HKBH set up natural laws such as gravity, HKBH did the same with Torah and Mitzvos. Although we can describe reasons and rationals for both, in the end they do not rely on us to describe them or understand them at all. They are from HKBH and that is the reason we must believe in them as emes. Emunah peshutah.

  15. #1 is right, as those of us who have ever actually spoken to Rav Shteinman about kiruv know. Also, the kiruv lobby is basically a factory for BTs, yet they then dump them into frum society with no guidance or mesorah at all. Many times the results have been disastrous and many problems and new crises have been caused.

  16. You people are missing the point.

    How can one rely and utilize Logic and Mind to “invent” or prove the existance of HKB”H;, whe two minutes later one must admit that pne’s mind is too shallow to understand any thing about HKB”H. One’s mind can not fathom anything about infinity, not past and not future.

    Perhaps nothing needs to be created (CH”V), its just that our shallow mind can’t fathom such a thing.

  17. I strongly suggest everyone get there hands on Search Judaism (Targum/Feldheim publication)– available online searchjudaism.com. This book helps answer all the questions of a searching Jew and explicates Yiddishkeit in a beautiful fashion. For those of who already frum- you will derive great chizuk from Search Judaism. For those who are not yet frum –you will take a journey through Judaism and Jewish belief exploring proofs, science, psychology and philosophy like never before.

  18. Rabosai,

    Many of you would consider me to be an apikorus; for years I did not keep shabbes, i regularly ate treif and I did not have a single sefer in my home.

    But b”H I moved to EY five years ago. At first, I was quite prepared to carry on my life as I had done in NY.

    Then I was introduced to Rav Amnon by a mutual friend. This ilui has turned my life around completely.

    I am now shomer mitzvos and trying to return to derech hatzedek.

  19. Morris,

    Just curious, if Rav Amnon Yitzak Shlita convinced you that zionism was akin to avoda zarah? He is one of the leading Anti Zionist Rabbonim alive today.

  20. The dispute between the commentators here about Emuna Peshuta v Chakira is ridiculous. Each one has its place, see the Rambam’s introduction to Moreh Nevuchim. Rav Shtaynman’s visit to Rav Amnon Yitzchoak doesn’t surprise me in the least and it is not news worthy. Rav Amnon is no less a Gadol Hador!

  21. I just heard an amazing 8 minute audio clip on Jwisdom.com by Rav Yitzchok Fingerer in which he utilizes philosophy/science to give proof to the existence of a Boreh Olam. It is a must listen to. Here is the link: http://www.jwisdom.com/shows/757/

    I think that in our generation especially, we can’t rely on only emunah peshutah. We can’t deny the reality that that the Rambam’s mehalech was “Leidah” — to “know” there is a God.

  22. To #26

    But, Rav Fingerer has 4 videos.

    He himself admits, that none of those prove that there is such a thing as a Ribonnoh shel Olom.

    The fact is that without Emunah Pshutah, we have no logic that will dictate to us to ‘create’ a God; because just like our logic does not comprehend how earth could have been around forever infinitely, so too our logic does not comprehend how HKB”H could have existed forever infinitely.


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