Rav Shternbuch Repeats: It’s Not A Dybbuk

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rav-moshe-shternbuchRav Moshe Shternbuch, Rosh Av Bais Din of the Eidah Hachareidus, has reiterated his opinion that the recent story revolving around a Brazilian avreich possessing a dybbuk is not what reports claim it is 

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 In Rav Shternbuch’s opinion, first reported here after he was shown the report on Matzav.com, the man is suffering a mental condition of some sort.

Rav Shternbuch’s reiteration was made during a conversation reported by R’ Dovid Landau on the Hakol Bakol chareidi news hotline in Eretz Yisroel.

Rav Shternbuch’s states that in his opinion, “This is a person who is ill and needs to be examined by a doctor.”

Upon further questioning, Rav Shternbuch states that the man “has a serious illness,” though “it is not known what it is.”

When asked if it is a dybbuk, Rav Shternbuch responded, “I do not think so.”

When questioned about the fact that his own son was among those at Yeshivat Hashalom to watch the multi-hour attempted banishment of the dybbuk by Rav Dovid Batzri, Rav Shternbuch,smiling, responded that his son simply went to watch as other did out of curiosity. “What can I do about it? He wished to go there and there was much publicity about it.”

Rav Shternbuch reiterated as well that, contrary to rumors and reports, neither the Eidah Hachareidus nor Rav Shternbuch released a letter, a statement of a nidui in regard to the dybbuk.

The report may be heard by calling Hakol Bakol at 011.972.52.999.6600. In Eretz Yisroel, call 52.999.6600. Press 1 for News. Following the report and background on the story, the brief conversation between R’ Landau and Rav Shternbuch can be heard.

 {Yair Alpert-Matzav.com Israel}


  1. Can we get this guy to a doctor? Someone out there reading this should get a physician to examine this dude and decide it for once. I can’t read these rpeorts anymore without having an ulcer. Seriously. Please, I beg someone. Get the guy to a doc. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. if the whole thing is just mental illness, then what exactly was he or who ever that was in the youtube video doing sitting in that shofar blowing ritual? was that not him in the youtube video sitting in front of some skype type of live stream program while all these folks were blowing the shofar behind him?

    additional questions are on my mind…assuming that it was a real dybuk – which we know it wasnt – would an on-line ritual like the shofar blowing have worked? arent we not allowed to fulfill the mitzvah with hearing the shofar thru a microphone??? but we are aloud to use skype to get rid of a dybuk? what???????

    does that mean i can just skype me being at minyan? of course not. i need to be there…but why would he or someone even think that blowing shofar in front of a video cam would do the trick w a supernatural entity like a dybuk….

    any thoughts on this whole thing?

  3. This is gettin more flippy by the minute!!!Don’t get how this is possible that he has an illness! Noone can TALK FROM THIER STOMACH!!???

  4. I am very far from being a gadol hador and it was obvious to me that it was ridiculous. Why do otherwise intelligent people even consider that these stories might be true and even call people apikorsim if they use their brains and doubt these stupidities?

  5. #10, a dybbuk is a real deal that has unfortunantly happened, and been reliably documented, quite a few times over the generations

  6. #8 Meatball. Don’t believe everything you hear and no he didn’t talk from his stomache whatever that means! The voice came out of his mouth. The problem is that the guy is mentally ill and convinced he has a dybbuk so he is acting as though he has one. He needs pills and therapy. His family must be just as crazy for not taking him to a Dr.

  7. I was taught that when there was a machlokes beteween gedolim, said machlokes was almost invariably lshem shamayim. It was when the rabble rousers, the layest of the lay got involved that things got out of hand.

    So let’s all tread carefully.

  8. Rabbi Swift in Pittsburgh had a case of a suspected dybuk in one of his followers. After further examination it turned out to be acid reflux. The person is being treated and is doing well.

  9. I thought I had a Dybbuk myself, so i proceeded to bash my head on the concrete, after being satisfied that only blood was coming out of my ears, I relaxed and allowed myself to be brought to the hospital, V’IMRUE AMAIN

  10. the above being stated, my rebbi said that dybuks are real things, and they possibly still exist in places where there are torah-jews as brought down by r’ kaminetzky in emes l’yaakov, however, it is not important if this one is real or not, if you can take a lesson from it good, if not, forget about it.

  11. #16(or shall i calll you ”frummer yid”) who is this rabbi swift from pittsburgh? i’ve never heard of anyone by that name in pittsburgh. please don’t lie. thank you(p.s. if there is really a rabbi swift in pittsburgh and you’re telling the truth, please be mochel me.


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