Rav Shternbuch:  Terror in Yerushalayim is Due to Those Who Go on the Har Habayis

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rav-moshe-shternbuchRav Moshe Sternbuch, rosh av bais din of Yerushalayim, said this morning that the tragedies that have occurred in Eretz Yisroel with the recent terror attacks are “due to those who, in violation of Torah law, have visited the Har Habayis.”

Rav Shternbuch attributed the terror attacks to the violation of this issur kareis, despite the clear ruling of leading gedolim, both past and present, that ascending the Har Habayis is absolutely forbidden according to halachah.

The raavad has, in the past, on a number of occasions, stated that those who ascend the Har Habayis endanger Jewish lives.

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  1. Gang madness.

    The Temple Mount has holy precautions.

    But the violence is adab hate just as it was yesterday and the day before that.

    Jewish survival is respect for G-d. That is not ascending without permission.

    The gangs want their fate.

    Dead faith is not blessed.

  2. “And you shall revere My sanctuary”, its a mitsvah in Devarim (?).

    Going up and taking pictures, and going in mixed groups, or gals going who are not meeting or exceeding the minimal requirements of dress, all of this is a violation of a Torah Commandment. If you are saying you want to go and pray, whats with the friends, and the picture taking, and where on earth is your mind, if you will even consider to go up, if you are not dressed and behaving at hgih calibre levels.

  3. How is going up Har Habais a blanket violation of Torah law? Doesn’t it depend on where exactly on the mount, and what kind of tuma. In fact, we have a chiuv to bring korban pesach even btumas meis. And there is koreis – for skipping on korban pesach, not for setting foot on permitted parts of Har Habais. We can be metaheir from all tumos except tumas meis even in present days at least according to some deyos. Can we build and use just a mizbeach so to be makriv what we are permitted btumas meis? There might be all kinds of differing halachik opinions, but no body took away our chiuv of korban pesach. In the end of Makos, Chazal cried for seeing a fox, kol shekein we should cry for seeing human donkeys in the kodesh hakedoshim.

  4. To the genius (NOT) who thinks he knows better than “dead faith”. Arab hate can be, and often is, directed towards their fellow arabs, ever watched the videos when they butcher each others? Ever read the amnesty international reports about the palestinian authority? Or, it might happen R”L similarly to Europe, where the insignificant nazi movement “inexplicably” took the power and held it. Those who suffer from really blind and dead faith are the fools who rely for protection upon the state, the army, and their own violence (such as devastating some random Arab shops, what do you think will be achieved?).

  5. The Arabs have been claiming publicly and most certainly then among themselves that the Jews want to take over the har habayis. The idea of people making up claims about the Jews and using them as a reason to hate them and kill them is what anti semitism has always been about, in just about every case throughout history. So this new claim, that the Jews want to take over the har habyis, is just the latest pretext for killing yidden that the Arabs came up with.

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