Rav Simcha Kook Publishes Sefer Shalmei Simcha of His Most Famous Droshos

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The Torah community in Israel and worldwide has just been enriched by the publication of Shalmei Simcha, a book of Rav Simcha Kook’s most famous droshos over the 40 years that he served as the chief rabbi in Rechovot and the rabbi of the Churva shul in Yerushalayim. The beautifully designed 600 page book was edited by the rav’s son Rav Rafael Kook, a distinguished avreich in Yerushalayim, and published by the Tsuf Publishing House which specializes in producing elite Torah literature.

On the occasion of its publication, Rav Simcha Kook visited Rav Chaim Kaniefsky with his son and grandsons and gave him a copy of his book. Rav Chaim warmly welcomed him and immersed himself in the book a long time. Rav Chaim enjoyed discussing several of the passages with Rav Kook and then gave him a hearty blessing. Towards the end of their meeting, Rav Kook, who is a kohen, asked permission from Rav Chaim to bless him with Birchas Kohanim. After Rav Chaim approved, the Rav and his ! progeny concluded the meeting with a heartfelt blessing for the venerable godol, who expressed his pleasure.

The Rav’s yeshiva in Rechovot, Meor HaTalmud, also celebrated the publication of the sefer with a l’chayim after the Rosh Chodesh tefillos. Bochurim who had completed the entire meseches Yevamos this zman, received the new sefer as a gift from the Rav.

Shalmei Simcha is the culmination of 40 years of droshos which the Rav delivered at the Great Synagogue in Rechovot and around the world. Most of the droshos were given on Shabbos HaGadol, but a small selection are from his Shabbos Tshuva droshos and contemporary halachic issues in which the Rav was called upon to guide the public.

The Shabbos Hagadol drosha is a major event in Rechovot, attended by the full range of the religious community living in the city. The shul is packed as residents come from all corners of the city come to hear the timely teachings of their beloved Rav, who is well known for his achievements throughout Israel and the entire world.

By M. Samsonowitz



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