Rav Tzion Boran: Betrayal Of Arabs Is Wicked


“Anyone who betrays an Arab is an absolute rosha,” said Rav Tzion Boran, former member of Yerushalayim’s Beis Din Hagadol. “Whoever discloses to Arabs the names of those who sell [Palestinian property] harms the Jewish people.”

Rav Boran condemned the West Bank Civil Administration’s leaking of the identity of the Arab who sold Chevron’s Machpeilah House, recently occupied by Jews. To protect the seller, the sale had been conducted through a straw man. Following Arab complaints that the sale was invalid, the Jewish buyers’ attorney revealed the real seller’s identity to the Civil Administration, warning that it must be concealed.

Despite the warning, the Civil Administration divulged the secret, endangering the seller’s life.

In keeping with the Palestinian Authority’s policy that the sale of Arab land to Jews is a capital offense, Muhammad Abu Shahala, a former intelligence agent for the Palestinian Authority, was sentenced to death in 2012 for his part as straw man in the Machpeilah House sale.

{Matzav.com Israel News Bureau}



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