Rav Wosner: Can A Litvak Wear A Shtreimel For Davening On Purim?

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rav-wosnerAs we all know, Purim is a time when people – even adults – dress up. Thus, a Litvak might wear a shtreimel if he so chooses in the Purim spirit. The halacha clearly states (Orach Chaim 91), though, that one must daven in the manner in which one appears before important people. Thus, Rav Shmuel Halevi Wosner, renowned senior posek, rosh yeshiva of Yeshiva Chachmei Lubin and author of the multi-volume Shevet Halevi, was asked (Shevet Halevi 10:18:1) if it is permitted to daven Minchah or Maariv on Purim while wearing a Purim get-up.

Revach.net records Rav Wosner’s response. Rav Wosner says that the exterior garments of a person are not what the halacha is concerned about. Standing in front of important people refers to one’s demeanor and attitude. It refers to the way one stands before the King of all kings. Thus, in this case, if one is davening with respect and seriousness and in accordance with the halacha, and one’s head is covered k’halacha, then, says Rav Wosner, it doesn’t make a difference what kind of hat or clothing one is wearing.

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  1. Why are you shocked and not surprised. It is typical of this generation to make up shailos; it is easy an way to make oneself feel good and important, especially when the shailo is inconsequential.
    Don’t forget Eisav used to ask Yaakov Avinu how one takes maaser from salt. I suspect that Eisav felt all holy and self-righteous when asking this shailo.

  2. Heshy is schoked! Wow! Wow! Wow!
    Why don’t you try the Purim spirit?
    By the way, The Oruch Hashulvan in Hilchos Shabbos Chazon writes that in the time of the Gr”o Z”l litvakes wore shtreimlech.
    By the way, can we get the orogin from where you picked up this psak? The Mishna Brura brings for instance one should not daven with boots etc.

  3. just x get shikur b4 mincha/maariv – then u’ll have the proper attitude & seriousness while appearing b4 The Kings of kings!!!!

    A Freilichen Purim!!!

  4. Why are you shocked. It is a good shaila. Evryone lighten up. Many people dress as chassidim and it is important to know if they must change before davening.

  5. it is interesting that all u clowns are expert in the next to last siman in mishnah berurah how about all the other –before you can be makayim ad de lo yodah you have to be a YODAH !!!

  6. I know, Heshy, it’s rediculous that these days people are still into Halacha. Who are they to try to keep Halacha, did they finish Tanach yet?


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