Rav Yaakov Licht Establishes Yeshivas Ner Hatalmud

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rav-yaakov-lichtLakewood, NJ – Rav Yaakov Licht, formerly of Yeshiva Bais Pinchos in Lakewood, has opened a new mesivta called Yeshivas Ner Hatalmud.

Until a more permanent location is found, the yeshiva is learning temporarily at the Pine River Village Bais Medrash and Simcha Hall off of Pine Street in Lakewood. The rabbeim and bochurim have transitioned to their new location smoothly, and the kol Torah continues unabated.

The yeshiva is home to approximately 75 bochurim.

[Bais Pinchos and its affiliates were founded over 30 years ago under the leadership of Rav Shmuel Shmelke Pinter under the name of Kahal Shomrei Hadas. Bais Pinchos in Lakewood, located at 1951 New Central Avenue, has 2 botei medrash, yeshiva facilities, a dormitory and a mikvah, which is used by hundreds each week. The building now houses a post-high school yeshiva and three kollelim, as well as an active shul.]

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