Rav Yaakov Yakir Fighting Reintroduction of Parents and Their Children Bill


Rav Yaakov Yakir of Israel’s Familism Movement, which was set up to preserve the integrity of the family unit, is fighting attempts to reintroduce the Parents and Their Children Bill which was blocked two year ago.

The earlier bill proposed to strike out items of Israel’s Legal Capacity and Guardianship Law (1962) which define parents as children’s legal guardians.

The new version of the bill does the same by replacing the legal word “guardianship” in the above law with the non-legal term “parental responsibility.” He warned that this “basically says that the child has his own independent legal rights, and the parents are supposed to implement those rights.”

If the bill passes, the Supreme Court could allow a child to sue his parents for family related issues. A child could raise legal objections to his family moving to a new home, he warned.


  1. The cruel Zionists haven’t changed much since they kidnapped the Yemenite children. Now they want to legalize their guardianship which must be fought tooth and nail.


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