Rav Yehudah Jacobs to Provide Hadracha Via Skype

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rav-yehudah-jacobsThis past summer, Beth Medrash Govoha of Lakewood, NJ, said goodbye to Rav Yehudah Jacobs, a mashgiach at the yeshiva, who, after decades of harbotzas haTorah and infusing talmidim at America’s largest yeshiva with hashkofas haTorah and yiras Shomayim, announced that he will be moving to Eretz Yisroel.

Rav Jacobs had served as a mashgiach at the yeshiva for decades and many expressed their disappointment at his departure, as he had provided guidance to so many people and served as the address for many people seeking advice and guidance regarding shalom bayis, chinuch habonim, parnassah matters, and a host of other real-life issues.

However, now, Matzav.com has learned, Rav Jacobs will be making himself available from Eretz Yisroel each day via Skype, a popular software application that provides video conferencing.

Rav Jacobs will be available to talmidim from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at 622 Sixth Street across from Beth Medrash Govoah.

This latest development continues to demonstrate the care and concern that Rav Jacobs has for all those who seek his assistance and the reverence with which he is held in the eyes of thousands.

Rav Jacobs, in his quiet and humble manner, has guided thousands of bnei Torah over the years in countless areas of life. His unique understanding of human nature combined with his yedios haTorah and deep-seeded yiras Hashem benefited the talmidim of the yeshiva for years. Rav Jacobs is perhaps most well known among the younger talmidim of Beth Medrash Govoha for the bi-annual shmuess that he delivered each winter zeman and summer zeman, discussing important issues relating to the parsha of shidduchim and providing practical advice and guidance to the bochurim who are entering the parsha of shidduchim for the first time. In his inimitable manner, Rav Jacobs, with forthrightness and clarity, conveyed the hashkafic aspects of shidduchim and the proper hanhaga to be followed at this important juncture of a bochur‘s life. Rav Jacobs always provided clear hadrachah, explaining how a bochur should look into a shidduch, the proper hanhagah on a date, dealing with financial support, having the proper focus prior to entering the parsha of shidduchim, and more.

Those who have benefited from his keen advice and his insight into human behavior feel fortunate to have had Rav Jacobs serve as a madrich in their lives, and now, through Skype, will be able to continue to draw from his wealth of his wisdom and advice.

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  1. To Kollel Yid who said: WE NEED HIM BACK!!!!!!!

    Just brilliant: you would actually hope that Rav Jacobs makes yeridah (Chas V’Shalom)? You want to drag HIM back into the darkness of golus because YOU foolishly insist on staying there? G-d forbid you should follow his example by making Aliyah and COMING HOME TO ERETZ YISRAEL where you belong!!!!!!!!! Oh yeah…never thought of that, did ya?

  2. to # 5

    Please stop spreading zionist propaganda on charedi websites. Arutzsheva would be a better place. Please be aware that people in Eretz Yisroel are also in golus until Moshiach comes

  3. This should work very well for all the current talmidim if they set it up with 2 way video conferencing ..like that shidduch vision thing.

    HOwever for new bochurim who never met him, I’m not sure they will feel comfortable or develop that kesher solely based online.


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