Rav Yeruchem Olshin Addresses Detroit Yom Iyun

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rav-yeruchem-olshinYesterday, the Detroit community hosted its first Yom Iyun B’Inyonei Tefillah at Yeshiva Gedolah Ateres Mordechai in Oak Park, Michigan. The topic of tefillah was chosen, because it is one from which everyone can gain, as Chazal list it as one of four things that require constant chizuk. The yom iyun was warmly endorsed by many Detroit-area rabbonim

Rav Yoel Sperka, rov of Congregation B’nai Israel in Oak Park, opened the program with divrei pesichah on tefillah.

 Rav Shmuel Irons, rosh kollel of Kollel Institute of Greater Detroit, deliverd a shiur klali on the history, halachos and hashkafos of tefillah b’tzibbur. He was followed by Rav Doniel Neustadt, yoshev rosh of the Vaad HaRabonim of Detroit, who delivered a shiur on halacha l’maaseh b’inyonei tefillah.

After the halacha shiurim, there was a preparatory seder during which participants learned b’chavrusah or joined chaburos led by local rabbonim to prepare for the afternoon shiurim. 

A complimentary lunch was served and divrei chizuk was delivered by Rav Avrohom Jacobowitz, rov of Machon L’Torah in Oak Park and Director of JAAM – Jewish Awareness America.

The afternoon seder included two shiurei iyun. Rav Yehuda Bakst, rosh yeshiva of Yeshiva Gedola Ateres Mordechai, began second seder with a shiur iyun. Following Minchah, the yom iyun concluded with a shiur from Rav Yeruchem Olshin, rosh yeshiva of Bais Medrash Govoah in Lakewood. Rav Olshin spoke on the topic of “Hazkoras Al Hanissim B’tefillah UbiBirkas Hamazon.” 

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  1. I was at this wonderful Asifah. It was a true kavod ha’torah and kiddush shem shomayim. Every maggid shiur contributed to this limud ha’torah b’rabbim.

  2. This event was an amazing expression of Torah Unity as it brought together so many parts of the community. A true testament to how Torah is the basis for unity.

  3. Rabbi Jacobovitz is a tzaddik! A HUGE tzaddik! It is exciting to hear that the world has the zchus to hear from Rabbi Jacobovitz


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