Rav Yitzchak Yosef Appeals To Shaked Not To Build Reform Platform At The Kosel


Rav Yitzchak Yosef appealed today to the chairman of the Yerushalayim District Planning and Building Committee, Amir Shaked, on Thursday, against the construction of a Reform plaza at the Kosel.

“The decision of the District Committee came to us on September 9, 2009, requesting a building permit in the southern area of ​​the Kosel,” the letter read. “The committee discussed the request to “regulate the possibility of prayer in the plaza of Israel, in a manner worthy of the use of the various forms of Judaism,” and claimed that “the completion of the work within the framework of the permit is required for freedom of prayer and the realization of human rights.”

“The Chief Rabbinate strongly opposes the existence of prayers at the Western Wall, contrary to the tradition of Israel, and the purpose of the plan is to implement the outline of the Western Wall, which was completely opposed to the position of the Chief Rabbinate.

“The request before the committee seeks to hold mixed ceremonies at the Western Wall, without a mechitza, which is completely forbidden according to halacha and according to the tradition of Israel for generations, which will lead to the desecration of the holy place.”

“The District Committee, like any other institution, must act according to the Chief Rabbinate’s decision regarding the Kosel, and the committee must hear the representative of the rabbinate.”



  1. The Hellenists rarely use the multi- million “plaza” already built for them!In fact, the dati Leumi have often been putting up a mechitza and using the plaza since the Hellenists aren’t there.To waste more taxpayers ‘ money for a tiny, dying ,Hellenistic sect is ridiculous.


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