Rav Yitzchok Tuvia Weiss Returns Home from Hospital

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rav-yitzchok-tuvia-weissRav Yitzchok Tuvia Weiss, Gaon Av Bais Din of the Eidah Hachareidis of Yerushalayim, who was hospitalized on Sunday at Shaarei Tzedek Hospital in Yerushalayim, has been released.

Rav Weiss had been suffering from symptoms of pneumonia and was treated with medication. He is doing remarkably better and has returned home where he will continue to rest and limit his communal activities.

Earlier this week, Rav Weiss visited Rav Yosef Shalom Elyashiv in the cardiac section of the same hospital, and he said Tehillim before returning to his room.

All are asked to daven for Rav Yitzchok Tuvia ben Rickel that he have a complete refuah.

{Yair Alpert-Matzav.com Israel}


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