Rav Yosef Levi Hakohein Katzenstein zt”l

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It is with great sadness that Matzav.com reports the petirah of Rav Yosef Levi Hakohein Katzenstein zt”l.

Originally of Copenhagen, Rav Katzenstein was a brilliant and one-of-a-kind talmid chochom and rov in Flatbush.

A prominent talmid of Rav Yitzchok Hutner zt”l at Yeshivas Rabbeinu Chaim Berlin, he was the author of Kol Chayil and Lema’an Achai.

Rav Katzenstein is survived by his devoted wife, Rebbetzin Chany Katzenstein; his children, R’ Yanky Katzenstein, R’ Dovid Katzenstein, Tzipi Mayerfeld, Mindy Ort, Esther Katzenstein and Malky Rosen; and grandchildren

The levayah will take place today at 5 p.m. at Shomrei Hadas Chapels, located at 14th Avenue and 39th Street in Boro Park.

The family will be sitting shivah in the backyard of R’ Dovid Katzenstein’s home at 1442 East 15th Street in Flatbush, Brooklyn.

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  1. Was this the husband of Chanie Katzenstein, the daughter of Rav Avraham zt”l and Rebetzin Ruchel Klein a”h ?

    • He was an ish EMES and hated SHEKER — there was no in-between “white lies” that most of us live with today and think is normal.

      He stood up to the “sheker of the world” and stated what was emes and what was sheker – even if it was not politically correct.

  2. Rav Yosef was a tremendous Talmid Chacham and an Adam Gadol, may his wonderful wife and children yblch”t have a nechama.

  3. A true Talmud Chacham and a true mentsch. Even The baalbatim In his shul were HUGE lamdonim, I recall meeting in his shul a cardiologist with unreal ידיעת התורה ואהבת תורה Who was also a huge בעל חסד and he told me many amazing stories About the rabbi .

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