RCA Issues Clarification Concerning Rabbi Avi Weiss and the Chief Rabbinate

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avi-weissThe following statement from the RCA was issued in response to this earlier story:

Recent assertions that the Rabbinical Council of America advised the Chief Rabbinate of Israel to reject the testimony of RCA member Rabbi Avi Weiss are categorically untrue.

The RCA regrets that the discussion concerning the reliability of American rabbis for technical matters under the aegis of the Chief Rabbinate has been used to promote broader issues relating to the contours of American Orthodoxy and its limits. The RCA believes that there are better places and ways to work through these issues.

Since its inception, the RCA has cherished its relationship with the Chief Rabbinate and has been working closely with it in recent months to create a new protocol. This protocol will enable Jewish status letters to be written by its member rabbis and be endorsed in the United States, where the RCA is better informed and positioned to resolve matters in ways that will avoid the problems and embarrassments of these past weeks.

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  1. When the RCA has the guts to call a spade a spade, then it will garner some respect. Until then, it’s nothing but a membership organization based solely on where you got your smicha, like an alumni club, rather than being based on how you actually live your life.

  2. By not condemning Avi Weiss the RCA is giving tacit approval to his abberant view of Judaism. For shame, RCA. For that matter, when I mistakenly wandered into his temple last year the o-u was setting up a table there. Can no one take a stand against korach today? The rabbanut in Israel has to teach us what’s wrong in America? Something very wrong with this picture.

  3. Until the RCA cleans up its mess and decides whether it is an orthodox movement. Or the new conservative movement they are in limbo
    Can any one trust them
    I’m a middle of the road Jew probably more modern then some
    But I know non sense when I hear or see it and the RCA has changed radically to the left.

  4. It seems that original proclamation says that they conferred with Rabbis who are members of the RCA, not that they received an official notification from the RCA.

    So it would seem that the reasons behind the proclamation by the Rabbanut not accept Weiss’ letters still stands and this does nothing to challenge it

  5. Please be careful when speaking about the RCA. Being motsi laz on thousands of rabbanim is a big deal.

    The same goes for R Avi. I don’t agree with a lot of what he does. But we can make a machaah against what he says without hatred of him as a person. If you disagree with him, daven for him to do tshuvah.


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