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rccsTo My Fellow Neighbors,

My story is not tear-jerking or extra-sad; it’s “typical” in almost every sense of the word. I am a typical yeshiva yungerman learning in Beth Medrash Govoha, living the typical Kollel life. I have a wife and kids and joined “Jersey Care” thinking I would never need “real” insurance coverage. The typical colds, strep throats and similar ailments were all we ever used it for, anyhow.

Until that day when my doctor said these words to me: YOU HAVE CANCER.

It seemed as if it came out of nowhere and suddenly my life was not typical anymore. I was diagnosed with a non-seminoma germ cell tumor.

My life changed in an instant; I had cancer, and all the anxiety that comes along with it. And, all I had was “Jersey Care”, which couldn’t take me very far in regard to adequate medical care.

I needed to upgrade my insurance, but how? I couldn’t afford better insurance, and I had no idea even how to begin the process.

So I decided to call RCCS. That was the best call I ever made in my life. Literally.

RCCS immediately, and warmly, went into action, as if I was the only case on their minds! They swiftly got me through the application process, and put me in touch with an insurance broker who immediately got me onto a solid Oxford insurance plan which came with a hefty monthly premium. But that wasn’t my headache; RCCS paid for it! Month after month!

After I changed to Oxford I went to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and arranged for surgery to have the tumor removed. In my case I had a vascular invasion and after they removed the tumor they wanted to do a second surgery. I went to Indianapolis for a second opinion and, then, after consulting with Rav Chaim Kanievsky shlita, I was advised to do surveillance for the next 5 years. This entails going to Memorial Hospital every month for blood work and x-rays, and every 3 months for CT scans.

Believe it or not, after about two months on the insurance I was further diagnosed with skin cancer – which was missed by my NJ doctor and was only discovered due to my having the opportunity to be seen by specialists in Memorial Sloan Kettering – and Baruch Hashem I was able to go, immediately, to top doctors to deal with this new cancer.

Let me tell you, when a person has cancer, whatever type it may be, it brings much stress and turmoil into his life. The challenges are tremendous. To continue being a good father, husband and friend is a constant battle.

Why should the lack of money stop a parent from being there for a child or a child from enjoying life with their parent?! But so often it all does boil down to money!

Could you imagine if on top of it all, I had to also deal with the stress of going into debt to pay my monthly premiums?!  It would make the strongest of patients collapse and diminish their chance of recovery, dramatically.

There are no adequate words to express my appreciation for what RCCS has done for me and my family over the past 10 months.

By RCCS taking the load of finances off our heads, it allows us patients to take advantage of good insurance, good doctors and ultimately improves our chances of a good outcome.

When you, dear supporters of RCCS, open your hearts and support RCCS, you’re not just giving Tzedakah to a חשובע organization. You’re giving life to me and to people like me, your neighbors, friends and relatives… because RCCS can’t do it without you.

So I plead with you to do whatever possible to give life, and may Hashem repay all donors a thousand fold, with a good healthy, illness-free life!

Thank you,

Your neighbor

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  1. As a beneficiary of RCCS I can only second everything this writer has said. RCCS has the additional advantage of multiplying your tzedaka money. By paying insurance premiums or fighting low insurance payouts, your donation of say $100 translates to the insurance company paying $10,000 or more. I know of no other investment that can do that.

  2. RCCS is truly amazing – both for those for whom they provide insurance coverage, as well as those who have coverage but need help with it during those difficult times. They are also very helpful for those that don’t necessarily need the monetary assistance, but have questions with their own insurance issues.

    Thank you RCCS for being there! Mi k’amcho Yisroel!

  3. RCCS Is an oganization run by Tzadikim, Reb Herschel Kohn is a baal madreiga, The chesed that RCCS does, can not be measured, they save whole families. MI Keamcho Yisroel, let us all be on the giving end support RCCS and in that zechus we should never chas vesholom have to be on the receiving end to need the services of RCCS.

  4. Purchasing excellent health coverage should be priority over vacations, expensive clothes, etc. It’s part of the dictum Venishmartem Meod…

  5. Purchasing health insurance is not possible for lots of families we all know how important it is. RCCS helps people with astronomical amounts saving lives etc. everyone should try their best to help whatever way they can dinners the parties that are done in peoples homes after Succos


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