RCCS Video Featured by Matzav.com Now in Yiddish: Rachamim, by Shloime Daskal


rccs-mircales-song-small[Video below.] The RCCS-inspired single, “I Believe in Miracles”, composed by Yossi Green and originally sung by Avraham Fried, has now been re-worded and sung in Yiddish by Chassidic singing star,

 Shloime Daskal. The new masterpiece, entitled “Rachamim” (mercy), was written by the talented badchan and singer, Motty Ilowitz, with back-up harmonies by Yossi Green.

As a result, the recent video featured by Matzav.com a few weeks ago has now been re-edited, with the Yiddish song, “Rachamim”, providing background music. For those fluent in Yiddish, the awe-inducing melody will bring tears to one’s eyes.
Shloime Daskal, Yossi Green, Yisroel Lamm, and other stars in the world of Jewish music combined their unique talents to produce this theme song to benefit the many hundreds of cancer patients being assisted by RCCS, the Rofeh Cholim Cancer Society.The theme, “Rachamim” is a heart-wrenching plea to HaShem to have mercy on his children who are suffering from this dreaded disease. It is a song of hope and a song of strength.

Yossi Green, one of the leading composers in contemporary Jewish music was inspired to compose the song as a result of his first-hand knowledge of the accomplishments of RCCS. When Shloime Daskal, one of the leading singers in the Chassidic music field heard the song, he readily agreed to take part in this Chessed undertaking and sing it for Yiddish speaking aficionados. And for those who know Yisroel Lamm, it is easy to guess that he immediately agreed to arrange and conduct the music.

The result is obvious to anyone with a discerning ear; it is hard to listen and not be inspired, even if you don’t understand Yiddish. A free CD and downloads of both versions of the song will be distributed be”H as part of the new RCCS Chinese Auction campaign, Miracles, that has just begun and which will culminate be”H on November 30, 2010 with a live webcast being streamed over Matzav.com.

To download one of the songs for free, go to www.rofehcholim.org/freesong.

RCCS, a recognized 501(c)3 organization, provides an array of services for cancer-stricken patients in need; primary among them is the subsidizing of health insurance premiums, enabling them to obtain the best possible medical care. www.rccscancer.org

Click below to watch:

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  1. I have cancer, and B”H I have a great boss and good health care. I stuggle each day to make it as normal as possible. Each day, staying strong, not showing the pain or effects of the chemo sucking the life out of my body.

    But watching this, I sat and cried. All my bravado is nothing compared to the beauty and innocence of these kids… Thank you.


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