READ: How A Few Blisters Changed My Life

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Hi, my name is Rochel S.

My husband and I grew up in Eretz Yisroel and live here now, too. We are a young couple and we’ve BH been blessed with 3 children.

One day, I noticed that my youngest daughter had pimples covering her whole body. We went the doctor. To our utter horror, the Dr. informed me that our child has cancer all over her body. It was like a punch in the gut.

How could this be?! What will the future of my daughter look like? What will this do to our family?! The anguish is, understandably, unbearable. The Doctors told us that we’d need to travel to America to get the best care for our child. Removing the cancer will take between 6 months and a year.

We now need to make a life changing move with our whole family and settle in the states. My husband and I need to quit our jobs- you can imagine what that does to our financial situation. We also need to find a new place to live in America and place our children into schools. The hardships that face us are monumental. Our children will need to adjust in a new country while grappling to learn a new language. All this, with the crushing new reality of their parents constantly running back and forth to the hospital and watching their sister undergo painful procedures and life changes. I shudder just thinking about what this will do to our family.

I’m turning to you and begging for your mercy. Our family now needs to come onto others due to our gut- wrenching situation. If you can donate and help ease the financial aspect of this new decree, you will be eternally blessed.

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  1. It was right after a shingles episode. The blisters and the pain responded, as they usually did, to acyclovir, an antiviral medication. But this time the area of the scalp that was involved became numb, and the pain was replaced by a constant, relentless itch. She felt it mainly on the right side of her head. It crawled along her scalp, and no matter how much she scratched it would not go away. “I felt like my inner self, like my brain itself, was itching,” she says. And it took over her life just as she was starting to get it back.


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