Read It: A Note Left On The Car Of A Lakewood Hatzolah Member Today

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  1. That’s a very nice sentiment, HOWEVER: This is a very serious shaila of ginaiva. Who gave the filler-upper rishus to drive the car??? This person wasn’t insured to drive the hatzalah car. Let’s say he would of gotten into an accident or fender bender? Even putting aside the shaila of ginaiva, LET’S SAY HE RETURNED TO HIS VEHICLE TO GO ON ANOTHER CALL AND HIS CAR WASN’T WHERE HE LEFT IT! Another Yid could of died because of this “well meaning” donor. The aitza would of been to bring the gas in a canister to the car and then fill it up where it was left. But even that is not so pashut. How does the secret donor know what grade of gas the owner uses? Maybe he uses davka a particular gas station using only their gas?

  2. ATTN: Good Samaritan. I saw today the beautiful act you did for a Hatzoloh member, Kol Hakavod. While you left your own car to fill up his with gas, I bought you a Gerry can and funnel and left those in your car. This way you can transport the gas to the Hatzoloh car vs the converse.

  3. Armchair Poskim:

    Come on, get a life. Sounds like the reaction to the Gemora about the great Tanna whose learning was so great that the bird flying overhead got burned up. Now, who is liable for the death of the bird?

    The point of the letter and its being made public is to demonstrate the gratitude to hatzoloh for their dedication to helping others, at self sacrifice. Do you do that, or are you busy making cheshbonos about what is muttar?

    • and what if this person would have damaged the car? in what world is it ok to take somebody’s car even if you are doing something nice. but what else can you expect from some people who nowadays think everything is acceptable as long as “it feels all fuzzy and warm in the tummy”.

  4. this is doing the wrong thing even though it sounds good. they could have easily left money and turned the engine off. but driving the car could have caused so many issues.


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