READ IT: Camps Request For Injunction Denied

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  1. we need to form a group called KLM for “Kids Lives Matter” and protest in the camps and all over New York City and State – so no one will do anything ‘cuz only one letter was changed from BLM to KLM.

  2. Wow, this is so crazy! Kids need to get out of their houses this summer! Gov. Cuomo and the judge are not being considerate of the children’s needs.

    I hope new camps are going to open up in other states so that kids have a place to go. Too important for our community for this to just be the end.

  3. Being that we are dealing with pikuch nefashos and safek rotzech Charedei Jews should consult both a doctor and a Posek. There may be differences in a boys camp where there is a chiyuv Talmud Torah and girls camps. There may be differences if all the staff and campers are from the same community or different communities. Bottom line: ASK!

    • Pikuach nefashos yes but nothing to do with doctors or poskim since coronavirus is not a medical sickness. Coronavirus is a term used for arresting elite criminals. They are out to retaliate, especially kidnapping children. Apparently they don’t have enough police and guards to protect all camps or the camps don’t have the amount of money they ask for.

  4. The judges decision incorrectly assumed that a Covid outbreak would flood the truly poor local medical system and hospital In fact the camp plan provided for helicoptering any and all such patients to NYC hospitals and gave carte Blanche to DOH conclusion Unfortunately it is not appealable It is fascinating that another judge in the same court ruled that the limits as to indoor and outdoor gatherings were unconstitutional We should be thinking of reopening with social distancing in place our shuls and yeshivos

  5. For some kids sleepaway camp gives them life.
    I know someone who came from an abusive home, had learning disabilities, and very few friends.
    She went to camp the first time and blossomed! She became herself, the self she never met before. Lively, talented, and loads of new friends.
    She’s married now and looks back on that first summer camp experience with the fondest memories.
    And I know her very well- she’s ME!


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