Read It: Chizuk in Mitzvas Netilas Yodayim from Hagaon Rav Chaim Kanievsky

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  1. Guys why look past what R Chaim stated clearly in the beginning. Like being mechazek in learning and chazering Torah? Always looking for the small easy thing – that perhaps seems more exotic other than the hard work we know we are missing! AND IT IS ALL YOUR (and the rest of the garbage jewissh medias) FAULT. When you stop posting this and much else of the terrible things you post than maybe we myself included can focus on whats really important. Like doing teshuva and strengthening ourselves in learning, davening and bein adam lachavayro.

    • 1) Why do you leave out tzniyus, which he mentioned second on the list? Do you fell that is a small and easy thing?
      2) Rav Chaim seemed to be of the opinion – an opinion he came to having been mechazek himself in learning and chazering his entire life – that ll three items are important. All his learning, and all his chazarah, did not bring him to the conclusion that one is more important than the other and that one needs more chizuk thn the other.
      3) But I am sure that when you become the Rabban shel Kol Binei HaGolah, your letter will read differently than his.


  2. The Poskim say that a woman only has to remove her rings for Netilas Yodayim if she also removes them for making Challah. If she leaves them on when kneading dough, she can leave them on for Netilas yodayim too.


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