READ IT: In Scathing Letter to President Trump, Dov Hikind Rips Cuomo, “Tyrant King”

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  1. Although he’s right on numerous points, we’ve got to tone it down. PR wise, we’re looking pretty bad recently. The poisoned anti semitic media is always out to get us and we also have, unfortunately, mosrim amongst us as well. I think we should lay low for a while and see what develops.

  2. The Federal Court has already upheld the rights of a Governor to take action to prevent the spread of infection in his/her State, and found that the metrics used were not targeting a specific group’s religious liberties. Calling the Governor nicknames, labeling him an Anti-Semite, and drawing up equivalencies to Nazi Germany is immature and cheapens the legitimacy of true acts of Antisemitism. Dov Hikind will likely get a cute Twitter response from the White House, but won’t accomplish any more than the current Boro Park spokesman.

  3. This letter comes across as much too extreme.

    I don’t think Gov. Cuomo is innovating much, if anything, in the area of COVID-19. Rather, it seems to me that he is just, or mainly, following the line of the mass media and the medical establishment, and of course, the line of his advisors, leading ones of whom are Jewish.

    That doesn’t mean that his policies cannot be questioned, rather that people should be careful when it comes to imputing extreme motivations to his actions.

  4. Trump is too busy with the anti semite ice cube; also saving the suburbs from brown and black people; definitely he should put it on the to do list.

    • But you have no problem with Snoop Dogg insinuating shooting the President. A certain lowlife dirty female singer threatening to blow up the White House?


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