Read It: King Cuomo’s Executive Order To Pull Funding From Yeshivos In NYC “Red Zones”

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  1. He can do whatever he wants because he knows we are just blowing smoke. When he’s up for re-election and another Cynthia Nixon socialist type is running against him, who do you think the oilam is going to vote for ? Ehr lacht oif inz

  2. The message before c19 was coumo is the best!! I have been mislead and denied my welfare!! What’s a yid to do!! Now we have no one to rely on!!!

  3. The picture above looks like the Mishalochim convention-hand outs to all. Now comes the מה יפית dance.

  4. These lockdowns, the fake virus and this entire political affair since Jan 2020 is all about national security – globally. But someone has to lead this unpleasant task of getting people off the streets, out of buildings for their own safety. The White Hats are b”H in control and are using these actors / clones / doubles to do this dirty job. מגלגלין חובה על ידי חייב


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