Read It: Kof-K Supervision Will Not Remove Hashgacha From Ben & Jerry’s

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  1. This is similar to when Rabbi Berel Wien took over the OU Kasrus and he wanted to take the Hasgacha off some Iraqi product as Iraq was then a mortal danger to Israel.

    The Israeli government told him not to because doing so would hurt Israeli interests

  2. Not similar at all. Israel is fighting B & G all the way and so should we. Finally there’s worldwide pulling of this product out of supermarkets . KOF – K is OKing antisemitism.

    • read the letter. they are … based on the advice of yesha council! its may be fun to be cynical sometimes but more important to be responsible and mature and follow Judaism’s hilchot lashon harah.

  3. Whoever accuses the Kof-K of making this decision based on $ doesn’t know the Kof-K. The fact is, that some Yidden will continue to eat this and if they pull their Hashgocha, an inferior hechsher may replace them and they might lower the kashrus standards. The question I have for them is why bring in the Yesha Council and the Government. I thought they were going to ask their Bais Din which has Choshuve Talmidei Chachomim.

  4. B and J may drop Kof- k when they realize that it doesn’t do much for them after so many kosher groceries stop carrying their products and kosher consumers stop consuming

  5. Kashrus and politics especially were it concerns only Zionist propaganda don’t mix if Ben and jerys is kosher it gets a hechsher.saying its not kosher is like hanoch teller quoted a rabbi Sallie that said that lettuce from Texas isn’t kosher because they are picked by illegal immigrants. The same thing…

  6. It’s amazing how many people are really closet leftists. You don’t care one bit about somebody else’s parnosa or how thousands of people will put food on the table, but you want KOF-K to remove certification from Unilever ice cream company, the manufacturer of Ben & Jerry, Good Humor, and Breyer’s Ice Creams. What do you gain from it??? Absolutely nothing! You just want your way. All for what, because you are insulted, because they insulted EY. Acting like this insults Klal Yisroel. You are a bunch of babies!

    You don’t care that contractually KOF-K has no recourse to pull certification and can easily be sued big time by Unilever, a company with far larger pockets.

    I dare each and every one of you to step up to the plate and fork over the dollars that KOF-K will lose, thus in turn people will suffer. Put your money where your mouth is. You claim it’s all about the money, but it’s not your money so really you don’t care.


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