Read It: Lakewood Senior Poskim Issue Guidelines for Making Pesach 5780 Amid Coronavirus



  1. Reb Moshe, תתברך מן השמים

    If Matzav will make this letter downloadable, good. If not do the following:
    (i) Place the arrow around “Selling Chametz” sub-title, (ii) click the right button of the mouse, (iii) choose ‘copy image’, (iv) go to the word processor you use (MS Word, etc.), and (v) paste it on a blank page. So far you have the first page of the letter that you can print, save, etc.
    Repeat the above for pages 2 and 3 by placing the arrow around the “Garbage Cans” sub-title for page 2, and “Stovetops” sub-title for page 3.
    The problem is that like this we have three documents of 1 page each, but that’s not such a big deal.


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