READ IT: The Lawsuit By Shuls Against New York and Cuomo’s Threat to Cut Funding

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  1. Agudah filed a lawsuit a few days ago and the court ruled on Monday that Cuomo’s order was not violating the law. The court ruled the same thing in regard to a lawsuit filed by the Catholic church. So the court’s response to this lawsuit will simply be that we already ruled on this matter, and the only people who stand to gain from this new lawsuit are the lawyers who were paid to file it.

  2. If you are a believing Jew, then you should realize that all of these decrees are really coming from Hashem. Cuomo is just Hashem’s messenger.

    Please take the time to read this transcript from a shiur that Rabbi Eliyayu Brog (grandson of Rabbi Avigdor Miller, zt”l) recently gave. He has good advice for our current situation.

    • While the points made by Reb Eliyahu B. are very important and need to be considered – we must realize that the Ribono she Olam sends several messages simultaneously.

      For too long, we, unfortunately, supported politicians with very horrible policies. We supported them in exchange for getting our share of the taxes we pay – by the government giving us back a tiny bit of funding. Rav Avigdor Miller (and others) kept on opposing this and cautioning us against it. Well, now the Ribono shell Olam is helping us see that it may not be worth it after all.

      (It’s also quite possible that the reason we treated those who didn’t want to inject their kids so horribly was due to the funding we got….)

  3. Don’t they have a an obligation to withhold  funding if if your community is potentially injuring others something which we all acknowledge is pure health

    Month upon month year upon year immoral perverted bills were passed & continues upending the whole edifice
    and if our fellow community members even cared enough the response was we can’t do civil disobedience “what can we do ”
    “Well we are a minority ”
    “we need the funding”

    A kitrug from shamayim

  4. Agudah filed in the Eastern District which includes Brooklyn. They filed in the Southern District which includes Monsey. Two different courts with different judges. Also, this one is better written. If they win, it goes to Appeals Court. Anything away from liberal biased anti religion judges is good. You have a better chance in mid West than in NYC.


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