Reader Finds Matzeivos Down at Bais Hachaim in Newark

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Dear Editor,
The other day, I was passing by the bais hachaim on Grove Street in Newark, NJ, and noticed that many gates were open, so I stopped to take a quick look and I noticed a few matzeivos were down.

Does anyone know who’s responsible?

Does any organization take care of this bais hachaim?

This is not Eastern Europe. This is literary in our backyard. It’s just a question now of who’s going to answer.

Thank you.
A Matzav Reader



  1. Not a problem. Just contact the US Senator from that area, Cory Booker. He will surely take care of it 1 2 3. He loves thise that study the Talmud and is always looking for ways to make their lives more pleasant.

  2. Im the reader who submitted this – I really feel its an embarrassment if nothing is done – ANY readers have a suggestion who can be contacted?


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