Readers’ Matzav: Moments Like This


chareidimDear  Editor,

On a recent  Motzoei Shabbos, after turning off the ignition in my car, it refused to start up again. It was snowing outside, my infant daughter was crying uncontrollably, and I was stuck in the middle of Monsey, in unfamiliar surroundings for me, a resident of Lakewood, N.J.

I called my friend in Brooklyn and he gave me the number for Chaveirim of Boro Park. I called Chaveirim of Boro Park and they gave me the number for Chaveirim of Monsey. I explained my “matzav” to the kind women on the phone. Within a few minutes, a friendly chassidishe yungerman pulled up in his minivan. His young children were in the back seat, accompanying their father on the chesed mission. Within a short while, he boosted my car and I was on my way. With a kind word and a bit of advice for me on how to care for the car, the gentleman was on his way back home, in the inclement weather, having done a tremendous chesed for another Yid.

I am a yungerman in Lakewood, N.J. and he is a chassidishe yungerman from Monsey, N.Y. Somehow, however, at that moment, we were both bound by a tremendous feeling of chavivus. We both felt that we were brothers, the sons of the same Father up above.

It is moments like this, dear readers, that gives one a fresh appreciation for the wonderful side of humanity.


A Proud Yid

Lakewood, N.J.


  1. we chasidim are not racist haavas __isroel_is all thet counts we are all one deck of cards if you remove one we are all not complete

  2. One should always have that feeling of chavivus, with one’s fellow Jews who are further than the state line, across the globe, at all four corners of the earth.

  3. At the outset I must state that I realize that this ‘proud yid’ from Lakewood only meant well with this post. He was stuck in a predicament that he for all intents and purposes was helpless in. Thank G-d there exists such organizations as Chaveirim who were able to resolve the problem and send him on the way. It so happens to be that the Chaveirim representative who helped was Chassidish.


    For some reason in the manner that this episode was described it was implied that the Yungerman and the Chassid would under normal circumstances not feel an inherent chavivus but as a result of the chessed brought them together in a showing of unity.

    But of course all Yidden come from the collective stature of Adam Harishon. The era that we currently live in is described in sefarim as ikvesa dimeshicha. One of the reasons given is that the souls of this generation for the most part are rooted in the heel of Adam Harishon. If we would just spend sometime learning about Arvus and our responsibility towards one another and how we are essentially inextricably bound one to another such posts would go without saying.

    That one Jew could imply that he is the polar distant under normal circumstances and that his feeling of warmth and cameraderie was born as a result of a personal gesture of kindness shown to him is truthfully sad.

    The Tzemach Tzedek put it this way: If your right hand accidentally hits or scratches your left hand, do you hit it back? The Jewish people comprise one body, theres no reason for embedded animosity thst necessitates kindhearted gestures to peel away the feelings of dischord and dichotomy.

  4. See item seven for what the opposite of chavivus and ahavas yisroel is. What it means to sepearte yourself from a demographic. Thank you for the example, in case we were not aware.

  5. Beautiful story.
    I think it underscores the need for introspection on the mentality of those of the mentality of that which is expressed by the writer.Espescially considering the fact that there are B”H many Chassidim learning and living in Lakewood,ka”h.


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