Readers’ Matzav: Pita Chips Bracha Issue

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stacys-pita-chipsDear Editor,

There is a product out by the name of Stacy’s Pita chips that is OU certified. The product description, both on the packaging and on the company’s website says: Stacy’s Pita Chips are made from all natural pita. They’re twice baked, for the perfect crunch, with delicious, all natural seasoning baked right in.

I was a bit concerned about this, since this poses a serious bracha issue. Bread that is rebaked may still retain the status of bread and require Hamotzie and Bircas Hamazon and, depending on the amount eaten, Netilas Yodayim.

I called the OU and they confirmed that their poskim hold that this product is Hamotzie. They do not put that information on the packaging, as they never do that, and besides, many companies will not allow the word “parve” either, kal vachomer the Hebrew bracha.

The OU mentioned that there are other poskim who held it may be mezonos.

Regardless, the average consumer is probably assuming that this is an uncontested mezonos product and should use the above information to present their own posek with the issue for a p’sak.


A. A.

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  1. This is a grave ,grave issue. I know there will be Rabbis debating this grave issue for years to come. Is it Hamotzie or isn’t it. You speak of the average consumer. He just doesn’t care.

  2. pita chips are nikur(it looks like bread)that it is bread-a pita is bread.also if its bigger than a K’zayis it is always hamotzie-even if if it doesnt look like bread

  3. If one says mezonot on bread is yotzeh but if one says hamotzi on mezonot is not necessarily yotzeh unless he satisfies certain amount . In any case it is important to wash without netilah before eating pita chips. Please check with a posek.

  4. To Croutons are Mezonos:

    I would double check that assumption. Last I learned Salad Croutons require Washing a Bentching as it is bread.

  5. mp (#7) – With all due respect if you are qualified to claim the opinion who hold it is mezonos is weak, you would most likely not be posing your comments on the internet.

    The reason to say you should make a mezonos is because although it was bread at one point, it was never intended to be eaten at that stage. Therefore it is like any cracker which is not intended to be a bread type and is mezonos.
    If however it was made from pitas that at one point were made to be eaten, and afterward were made into chips it may not loose its status and depending on the process and the size (kzayis or not) it will likely be hamotzie. The commercially manufactured chips never got that status as it was only “bread” in the middle of its manufacturing process.

    Everyone should consult their Rav. I have heard the explanation above from a respected posek and he held that it is poshut that the above chips are mezonos. Same would apply to bagel chips, bread crutons and ect.

  6. This is the Halachic Psak of Rabbi Belski. However, Hagaon Reb Shloma Zalman Aurbach disagrees with him & holds one would say Mezonos! See Hilchos Brochos By Rabbi Pinchus Bodner.

  7. to #11 its bread also do you mean “wash w/o BERACHA? secondly as with all bread you wash w/o a beracha whenever u eat less than a ke’beiah

  8. While I appreciate #17’s compliment, he must think that this letter was written by someone else, as I am definitely not a massive Talmid Chacham (quite far actually).


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