Readers’ Matzav: Spending a Lifetime at the Post Office

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postofficechairsmallDear Editor, 

Maybe your readers can help me, because frankly, I am at a loss. Is it normal for one to have to bring a chair to the post office here in New York because of the excessively long lines? Yes, on Tuesday, someone actually brought a chair with them to sit on while they waited in line at the post office located at 20th Avenue and 67th Street in Boro Park. (See the photo I took below.) These long lines are a daily occurrence and are ridiculous. What kind of country do we live in that a wait in the post office is regularly no less than an hour? Is there no value for time anymore?

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You can bet that postage and mailing costs will keep going up. There’s no question about that. Somehow, as the quality of service plummets, we pay more – and we wait longer and longer.

I am tired and out of patience. And no, I am not interested in lugging a chair with me to the post office.

Fed Up With the Matzav in Brooklyn


  1. Use the haimish post office @ 13th and 53rd diagonally across from shomer shabas. Daniel the counterman is a tzadik and you will always be treated with impeccable courtesy. Moreover, THERE IS little or no wait.

  2. If healthcare reform passes then every trip to the doctor will be the same way (at least they’ll already have chairs!)

  3. What about the Lakewood Post Office? Never waited less than 20 minutes there; usually over 1/2 hour. Even in the middle ofthe day when you’d think there was less traffic.

  4. “What kind of country do we live in that a wait in the post office is regularly no less than an hour? Is there no value for time anymore?”
    It’s a local problem. Elswhere in the country, for example where I live, I rarely have to wait more than 2 minutes. I happen to live in a very populated area.

  5. If you can, buy a postage scale and buy all postage online. It feels good to drop off your prepaid packages and not wait.

    People forget that time is money too (to some). and has value. Cheap computers that are capable of running everyday tasks can be had well under $200

  6. There are private options for packages (though they are probably more expensive), and for those who still mail letters, no waiting is required

  7. And how about, now you cant just go into the postoffice and fill out a passport form, you need a appointment, why cant a american citizen just go and get a passport. The wait for a appointment a the coney island post office is 8 weeks, helloooooooooo

  8. what is wrong with the post office? we can sell soda, potato chips and even ipods from a vending machine but the post office can’t figure out how to sell stamps and post cards. I am not sure what is a worse run organization the post office or the MTA?

  9. I live in Lakewood.The wait in the post office there is also crazy. I stopped selling things on Amazon because I don’t want to have to wait an hour to mail them. I also started buying stamps by phone and sending documents by Fed Ex.It costs more but I can’t spend my life in the post office.


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