Readers’ Matzav: Ticketing in Lakewood


chai-lifeline-lakewood-dinner-2010Dear Editor,

Last night’s Chai Lifeline Lakewood event was a beautiful dinner for a very worthy cause.  The only upsetting thing

 was Officer Bell of the Lakewood Police Department writing tickets outside.

I personally saw this officer give an unwarranted ticket to KZK-48Y. The two cars in front of this car were indeed parked in a No Parking area. This car (the 3rd car) was behind the yellow line and was parked perfectly legal. Unfortunately Officer Bell was so eager to write those tickets, that he didn’t take the time to look.

I took pictures along with another witness, who left a note on the car offering to be of assistance.

If the owner of the car needs more pictures, please email me at

A sad state of affairs.

Disturbed in Lakewood


  1. This happens all the time in Lakewood.Besides certain police officers we have public works and inspection dept. who are eager to issue tickets.We also have a corrupted judge who does not understand the meaning of “not guilty”.

  2. Old Story.
    Take a look at Officer Hornak.
    There is no accountability. The officers can ticket to their hearts’ desire.

  3. If you were in Brookhill on Shavuos and had to park right outside the lot of Ashekenaz aon the gravel, you got a ticket. Officer Hornak refused to listen to the pleaas of a few people asking him not to give tkts bec of Yom Tov and hachnosas sefer torah.

    We must rid our town from this heartless officer.

  4. I too saw this officer writing tickets last night outside of Bais Faiga. It was pathetic..the guy looked like a kid in a candy store, he was so eager!

    Would this behavior be accepted outside of “other” functions?

    Lakewood PD (and the Lakewood community) is lucky to have some really great and sensitive officers. Unfortunately it’s the few like these, who give it a bad name.

  5. I agree with all the kvetchers above. I think we should buy Madison Ave and build a parking lot for all tye poor fpeople who can’t figure out that we are in galus.

  6. Ext16 you are a true baal chesed! Thank you for taking the time to help another Jew. In your zchus may we never have the need to attend another chai lifeline event!

  7. I agree the LPD is a little too ticket happy. There is a problem in Lakewood regarding parking, as specialy around yeshiva and halls etc. I think when cops drive by those areas, it would be nice if they would not be so eager to ticket!

  8. How pathetic and small minded. Someone gets a parking ticket and it becomes a headline in a Jewish news site. Maybe a worldwide tehillim group should be organized for this nebech.

  9. I put money in a cholov yisroel coffee machine, but the drink came up with only water and no coffee.Oy vey! Shumu shamayim! Rachmana litzlan! Maybe because it’s Choidesh Av! Please write an article about this terrible but very spiritual event.


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