Reagan’s Son: Palin is Nothing Like My Father


ronald-reaganThe Ronald Reagan presidency inspired passionate debate, and the Reagan legacy is doing the same — now including criticism of Sarah Palin by the Gipper’s son.

“Sarah Palin is a soap opera, basically,” Ron Reagan Jr. told The Associated Press. “She’s doing mostly what she does to make money and keep her name in the news.”

Reagan spoke as Palin prepares to keynote tonight’s Reagan 100 Opening Banquet sponsored by the Young America’s Foundation, which owns the Reagan ranch in Santa Barbara, Cal., and is hosting one of many events celebrating Sunday’s centennial of Reagan’s birth.

The younger Reagan said he doesn’t see any similarities between his father and the 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee.

“She is not a serious candidate for president and never has been,” said Reagan, who, it should be noted, is more liberal in his politics than his father was.

Palin is expected to discuss “Time for Choosing,” the 1964 speech that essentially launched Reagan’s career in elective politics.

In a statement last week, Palin said is excited about discussing Reagan’s legacy before a group of conservatives,

“Young America’s Foundation has been sharing the values of President Reagan with young people for more than 40 years, and there is no organization more committed to preserving freedom’s future,” Palin said.

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  1. Ron Reagan is a well known liberal, who fought with his father during his lifetime. He is not qualified to pasken who is or isn’t like his father. Speak to Michael Reagan for a loyal son’s view on Ronald Reagan.

  2. Ron Jr. is an evil man who hates his father and his father’s legacy. He is an embarrassment and an insult to Reagan’s memory. Michael Reagan is the true son. Ron Jr. is the ben sorer u’moreh.

  3. Michael Medved interviewed both Reagan brothers (separately) and according to him, Ron Jr’s love and respect for his father comes through every page of his book. Sure, they disagree on just about everything politically (me too) but there is such a thing as political disagreement coexisting with respect. Republicans have generally been better at that.


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