Reality TV Show Would Send Contestant Into Space

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The developers of the reality TV show “Space Hero” want to make space cool.

Why it matters: As spaceflight opportunities open up to more people who aren’t professional astronauts, the space industry — which is largely insular and elite — will need to find ways to make space travel appealing to the public.

Catch up quick: The show, which is currently in pre-production, takes on a reality TV format with 24 contestants competing for the grand prize of a ticket aboard a ship bound for the International Space Station.

  • Those 24 contestants from all over the world will live in a “space village” during the filming of the show, which plans to feature space technologies developed by dozens of nations with space agencies.
  • The competition will focus on testing the participants’ physical and mental strength in preparation for spaceflight.
  • “The drama that we will have in the space village is not going to be about the last piece of toilet paper and who kicks who out. This is a very different drama. The drama is in the realization of where you are,” Thomas Reemer, a co-founder of the show, told me, adding that all 24 people in the village will have different reasons for applying.
  • “Space Hero” already has a ticket for its winner to fly aboard an Axiom Space mission expected to take flight in 2023.

Read more at Axios.



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