Reb Hillel Mozes to Retire from Shomer Shabbos


Reb Hillel Mozes, a longtime gabbai at the legendary Shomer Shabbos Shul in Boro Park, is retiring, Kol Haolam reports.

The shul is currently looking for a replacement.

The longtime lead gabbai at Shomer Shabbos is the famed Reb Moish Metzger, who continues to serve the shul with outstanding dedication.

{ Newscenter}


  1. Reb Hillel zol Gezunt Zein Is a Pure Tzadik. He made Shomer Shabbos what it is from Finding rides for people to all over the country, people came to daven Marriv in Shomer Shabbos because of Reb Hillel and he made sure that everyone who needed a ride home got it. I was there once when he found a yid a ride to Montreal, his compassion for every single yid is outstanding. His erlecchkeit is to be admired. I wish him many more gezunter years and we should all be zoiche to welcome moshiach soon and leading us will be people like Reb Hillel.

  2. I live in Riverdale and I heard so many good words about my first cousin Hillel. Wishing him much hatzlacha and everything good.


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