Reb Meilich Weiss z”l

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meilich-weissA Brooklyn man was killed yesterday crossing the street, police said.

Reb Meilech Weiss, 62, was crossing the intersection of Flushing Avenue and Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg when a 1996 Mitsubishi sedan smashed him into him about 8:50 p.m., authorities said.

EMS rushed Reb Meilich to Bellevue Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

The 21-year-old driver stayed on the scene, and no criminality is suspected, cops said.

“He was bleeding everywhere and his whole face was white,” said Danny Masri, 23, who called 911. “It was horrible. He was a quiet, good guy.”

Yehi zichro boruch.

{NY Post/ Newscenter}


  1. OY ! burich dayen emmes! This was a woundeful man of the real saying torah igdilu bemukom acud!
    this man was at clothing shows in Las Vegas NV two times a year and a medakdek in torah shirum and would not eat out not knowing the hashgocahs, was seen at the donated food kitchen of Bal Tzeduka reb Moshe Shmiel Goldstein, was avery kind man, may hashem bring moshiach

  2. Thanks for the first comment, also met this tzadik person at the known MAGIC show in the far Las Vegas where hundreds of heimishe people spend a full week twice a year , It is the place to say that there are people running around eating out all over in NV , but this guy was one of the people convincing to eat at a Motel set up by Reb Moshe S Goldstein Of the B&H Photo,(all paid for by Rav Goldstein) and the set up was to ensure that the food is cooked with a hasgucha and minunim of scharis and Mariv and NO gambling at this premises and all shomrei mitzvos sleep in one place, THIS Nifter Reb Elimeilech was a strong supporter of this great place, may he be a meiltz yosher and bring moshiach

  3. So Tragic! He left behind a grieving wife 4 daughters 1.Schwartz 2.Scharf 3.Rebbetzin Mechtsha Zlata Blumenberg 4.Schondorf one son Issac from BP. may hashem comfort them!


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