Reb Shalom Mordechai Rubashkin Marks 54th Birthday – and His Anniversary – Today

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shomom-mordechai-rubashkinToday is the 54th birthday of our good friend, Reb Sholom Mordechai ben Rivkah Rubashkin. Today, 28 Tishrei, is also the wedding anniversary of Reb Sholom Mordechai and his wife, Leah.

We pray, with the rest of Klal Yisroel, that Reb Sholom Mordechai’s yeshuah will come bekarov.

Reb Sholom Mordechai is fighting a 27-year prison sentence for bank fraud and money laundering charges. His latest appeal was filed Monday in U.S. District Court in Cedar Rapids.

Some 389 immigrant workers were detained on immigration charges during the May 2008 raid on Agri, and Reb Sholom Mordechai was brought up on fraud charges, alleging he misled lenders about the company’s financial status. The company went into bankruptcy and was later sold for $8.5 million to SHF Industries.

All are asked to keep davening for Reb Sholom Mordechai ben Rivka.

{Noam Newscenter}


  1. Its just like one bad dream,and i’m still waiting to wake up. Whats so scary With this kind of justice anyone could end up in jail. Its just not in proportion to other people
    ??? ???? ???? ????? ??????.

  2. May he celebrate his next birthday reunited with his family!!! Or better yet may we all celebrate together with the coming of the geulah.


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