Rebbetzin Leah Sara Levine a”h

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candle-small6It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Rebbetzin Leah Sara Levine a”h last Friday night. She was the wife of Rav Ahron Levine zt”l, rov of the Young Israel of Avenue J, who was niftar just over two years ago. She was a daughter of Harav Shmuel Dovid Warshavchik zt”l.

Her sons, R’ Efraim and R’ Nosson, will be sitting shiva at the home of R’ Nosson, located at 84 Ponderosa Dr., Lakewood, NJ 08701 Phone: 732-901-6247 (Shacharis 7:45am – Mincha 7:30pm – Marriv 9:30pm.) They will be getting up Sunday morning.

Yehi zichrah boruch.

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  1. I heard the Rebbetzin’s son gave a fantastic Hesped that was streamed. Anyone have any idea where I can find this.

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