Rechov Applebaum?

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dr-david-applebaumThe City of Jerusalem has been running a “survey” of sorts. The survey was regarding which person should be memorialized by having their name turned into the name of a street.

With 2,222 questionnaires having been distributed among Jerusalem residents, we have a winner, and one by a large majority.

The results of the poll indicate that people wish to memorialize Dr. David Applebaum Hy”d, the emergency room doctor killed in a terrorist attack when having coffee with his daughter who was about to get married, by naming a street after him.

Dr. Applebaum beat out Teddy Kollek and Rehavam “Gandhi” Zeevi. Applebaum won with 87% of the votes.



  1. One might say, oh look, the Palestinians name after the terrorists, the Jews after the victims. But in truth this makes a powerful statement, affirming the Artscroll comment on Av Harachamim, “May He exact retribution. We do not pray that we be strong enoug to aveng our martyrs. Jews are not motivated by a lust to repay violence and murder with violence and murder. Rather we pray that G-d choose how and when to atone for the blood of His fallen martyrs. For the living, decency and integrity remain the primary goals of social life (R’ Hirsch).

    Their heroes destroy life. Ours affirm life.

  2. If you had had the privilege of knowing the selfless Dr. Applebaum z”l, your only wonder would be regarding the other 13%.

  3. Dr Applebaum H’YD as i witnessed would sit on an elevated platform in the Mt.Sinai emergency room in Cleveland directing it like a Conducter in a Orchestra while he was writing torah on his laptop, what a sight

  4. Dr. Applebaum was a true example of how a Jew should live. Hashem yikom damo. Naming a street after him is necessary, but no consolation.
    To all those who may not know, the paroches hanging in Kever Rachel today was created using the material from his daughter Navah’s hy”d wedding gown. The wedding was scheduled for the following night.


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