Rechovot Is Richest Israeli City, Bnei Brak Poorest

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rechovot Rechovot householders have the highest average net monthly income of NIS 16,800 according to a survey of Israel’s 14 largest cities by the Central Bureau of Statistics. The poorest city is Bnei Brak where households have an average monthly net income of NIS 10,211. Bat Yam has the lowest monthly consumer expenditure of NIS 7,929.

The figures found that the national average net household income was NIS 13,829 and average monthly financial consumption expenditure was NIS 10,751. The largest gap between income and expenditure – NIS 5,809 – was in Rehovot and the lowest in Bnei Brak – NIS 1,393.

However, data per capita shows a different picture. The highest income and expenditure is in Tel Aviv (NIS 6,687 and NIS 5,320 respectively) while the lowest is in Bnei Brak (NIS 2,280 and NIS 1,969 respectively).


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  1. rich is good in this world. Its null and void in the next. but Torah is good in this world and good for eternity in the next. So who is better off?


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