Record 600,000 Visit Kosel over Pesach


koselA record number of people, a vast majority of them Jews, visited the Kosel over Pesach. According to the Kosel Heritage Fund and the Israel Police, more than 600,000 people from all Jewish streams visited the Kosel Hamaarovi.

The Kosel authorities say that the stream of visitors to the Kosel this year was much larger than in previous years, and that people kept on coming 24 hours a day, many walking from Shaar Yaffo and the markets, Shaar Shechem Gate and the Jewish Quarter, and many others by bus or taxi. Private vehicles were not allowed into the Old City for the entire chag.

Kotel Rov Rav Shmuel Rabinovich commended the police for securing the Kosel area and the approaches to it. “These statistics point to the fact that that the Kotel is a spiritual home for all of the world’s Jews, without any barrier or difference in status, and I hope that this trend will continue and that there will not be a single Jewish boy or girl who does not visit the Kotel,” he said.

{Yair Israel/Arutz Shevah}



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