Record Number of New and Improved Pesach 2010 Products to Hit Supermarket Shelves

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pesachAs supermarkets around the country open their Pesach 2010 sets, consumers will find an unprecedented array of new foods and wines that will make this holiday “more interesting than in recent years,” according to one source. Many of the new products are designed to bring the Passover taste closer to that of year-round items while others are simply meant to add the broad array of items already available for Pesach. There is also an emphasis on healthier products. In its exclusive annual review, KosherToday looks at an impressive list (that is far from complete) designed to preview what is being described as “one of the most exciting groups of new products in a long time.”This year’s list of new products includes many new sauces, condiments and oils for Passover. They include Leiber’s Macadamia Oil, Taanug Olive Oil Spray (Lantev Distribution Corp.), Gefen Sauerkraut and Chrayonnaise, Chili Sauce, Mustard, and Spicy Ketchup from Blanchard; 100% Fruit Spreads (no sugar added and in a variety of flavors-from Beit Yitzhak, Israel), Ein Harod’s Pure Honeys in 5 varieties, and Tishbi Wine Jellies and Preserves (upscale line of wine jellies and preserves by Oshra Tishbi, available in such varieties as: Merlot, Riesling, Chardonnay, Cabernet; as well as Fruit and Wine Preserves combinations such as Strawberry Merlot, Apple Cabernet, and Passion Fruit).

In the category of drinks, juices and sauces are such new items as Chamomile Peppermint and Senna Leaf Tea (Taanug), Lemon Juice and Apple Sauce (Mishpacha), Clover Honey Squeeze Bear (Manischewitz), Gift set of Wissotzky line of teas (now distributed by Kedem), and Kedem’s new Peach and Blush Grape Juice flavors. There are many new soup related items on the shelves this year, including Osem Mini Crouton Soup Mandel, Telma Reduced Sodium Chicken Consomme Mix, and Telma Reduced Sodium Chicken Consomme Cube, and Halperin Jerusalem Matzah Ball Mix, and Kneidle Mix. In prepared foods, Osem introduces its Mashed Potatoes N Onion, Streits is out with its Quinoa Original and with Garlic, and Sugat (one of its many interesting products which are distributed by Osem) introduces its White Quinoa Royal, and Savion Falafel Mix.

While more and more supermarkets sell Shmura Matzohs, the shelves will be decked with all kinds of new Matzah and Matzah related products, including Holyland Handmade Shmura Matzah, Halperin Jerusalem Egg and Whole Wheat Matzah, Yehuda Mini Matzah, Streits Oat Matzah, Osem Whole Wheat Israeli Matzah, Negev Matzah, Aviv’s Whole Wheat Original, Mini Egg, Mini Egg N Garlic, Mini Egg N Onion, Egg, Egg N Onion, Egg N Garlic, Honey, and Wheat Bran and Rye Matzos, Halperin’s 18-Minute Matzah Farfel, Halperin Jerusalem Cake Meal, Streits Spelt (part of an increased number of spelt Passover items), Matzo Meal, Whole Wheat, Original and Cake Meal, Manischewitz Matzo Farfel . Yehuda Matzo Crackers and Yehuda Mini Matzo. Streit and Gefen are out with Chow Mein Noodles, as well as a thin and medium version of all-natural, Gluten Free and Chow Mein Noodles.

There are many additions for breakfast and dessert, including Gefen’s Honey & Fruity Flavored Cheerios, Frosted Flakes, and Chocolate Flavored Cheerios, Savion’s Crispy-O’s Fat-Free Frosted, Sugat’s line of baking products include Baking Powder, Imitation Vanilla Extract Sugar, Sesame Seeds Hulled, Coconut Flakes Sweetened, Glick’s Chocolate and Vanilla Cookies and Glick’s Chocolate Brownie Cookie, Klein’s new Viennese Ice Cream Cake, Zelda’s Sweet Shoppe’s Chocolate Chip Mandel breit, Cinnamon Almond mandel breit, Chocolate dipped vanilla meringues ,Vanilla meringues Raspberry Jelly slice, Apricot Jelly slice, Chocolate Dipped macaroons and Chocolate Chiffon cakes

In the meat and fish category, Abeles & Heymann (now of Super Bowl fame) is introducing a Premium Sliced Turkey line and Smoked Turkey Mini Sausages. Remember Season? They’re back with their 100% Premium Quality Solid White Albacore Tuna, available in both water and olive oil. Also back are many new items from Haddar, a brand that used to be a basic staple on Passover and was recently reintroduced by new ownership.

In the sweets department for both adults and kids are a number of new products from Mishpacha, including a new line of macaroons (Coconut, Chocolate and Chocolate Chip), Grab n’ go all-natural apple sauces, lemon juice, and delicious pineapple products, Magic Max Cotton CandySoft and Fluffy, Magic Max Pink Cotton Candy, Manischewitz Dark Chocolate Almond Bark, BBM’s Swiss Selection Premium Chocolate, and from Streit’s- Lollypops in Assorted Flavors, Peach Yogurt Hard Candy, Strawberry Hard Candy, Butterscotch Hard Candy and Cappuccino Hard Candy, Chocolate & Coconut Macaroon in Travel Pack, Streit’s Raspberry Jelly Rings, Savion Marshmallow Cream, Elite’s variety of flavored Lentils, Mini Chocolate Mixes and a Milk Mekupelet Bar, Carmit has new Chocolate Balls in Dairy, Pareve and White Chocolate, Gedilla Ice Cream Cups – gluten-free alternative to the traditional ice cream cone and Klein’s Premium Sorbet Lemon in a Quart and Pint size.

In addition to foods, many new novelty items will be on sale in time for the holiday. They include Kar-Ben’s three new Passover Haggadahs for families, Sammy Spider’s First Haggadah; Sammy Spider leads the Passover Seder, Rite Lite’s Passover Pleasers (child friendly cookbook), My Passover Haggadah (for the youngest of children), and Melamine Childrens Plate.

 {Kosher Today/ Newscenter}


  1. Why does pesach have to be like year round? Why can’t there be adifference? Can people not survive for ONE week without cheerios, pasta, soup nuts , and even something like bread?

  2. To #1 I think you are wrong directing the complaint against the customers why dont you instead ask why do jewish companies have to make so many products why cant we manage without all this and why do companies have to make such a huge profit on poor jews and couldnt care less that we are in a recession why cant the rabunim tell us to avoid these companies charging us through the roof and convincing us to taste more of this stuff with a 500 percent profit if we put our foot down they will cave in like was done in europe hundred years ago when the price of fish skyrocketed the rabunim put their foot down and they caved in

  3. Well, now I don’t have to say what was on my mind, because # 1 said it so well.
    If you spend thousands of money to go to a bungalow or to some deserted island, eating and living simple is ok because it cost alot of money. But here, Pesach is more fun because now we can spend money on pesach ketchup, and pesach candies, of which we have no idea how machmir they really are.
    We have changed alot since we spent Pesach with a lovely family who uses only whole foods: potatoes, chicken, vegetables, fruts. The family cooked together and planned together as a family, what dishes they would cook and how creative they could do it without using processed items. How close that family is, we were so touched and envious of that.
    These processed items will not bring happiness. Family time, working things out, working together, will do it. Thats what we learned from this family. My family is now better off for that.
    I suggest that everyone find someone like that to learn from. This is out of hand. We don’t need to live like the goyem, we aren’t them, and they are, and thats that.

  4. #2-the point is not the money being spent even if the products were given away for free, my complaint is not directed to the Rabonim or the customers. Why can we not have a Pesach that was handed down B’msorah from generations past, without all the manufactured product? Why can’t Pesach be Pesach, we all knew it was Pesach?

  5. i am sure when my zeide, back in der alte heim, went to his hotel for pesach, they didn’t have all these products.

  6. #6 And I am sure your zaide in their heim didnt have the nisyoinois of the current generation and so why not allow whats allowed the nisyoinis out there are hard enough why not focus more on the crazy prices which make pesach such an expensive yum tuv

  7. I got free Negev Matzah at a local Jewish Community center. It was awful – thick and tasteless. I understand that it was free, but in the previous years, free Matzah from a different producer was a lot tastier!


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