Red Cross Looks at Providing Kosher Food


red-crossThe American Red Cross has been looking at ways it can improve its response to the next disaster and it’s found some surprising answers.  

Joel Sullivan, CEO of the Middle Tennessee chapter of the American Red Cross, said changing demographics have led to a demand for food that meets the specific cultural and religious needs.

The Red Cross is looking for vendors that can supply vegetarian, kosher and halal meals.

The Tennessean reports that Muslim leaders have also asked the charity to look into providing separate spaces for men and women at their shelters.

Rabbi Saul Strosberg of Congregation Sherith Israel in Nashville said the fact that people are complaining about the food shows what a good job the Red Cross is doing with the essentials.

{The Associated Press/ Newscenter}


  1. My personnal experience with the Red Cross regarding the concerns of serving kosher meals has been very positive. Following 9/11, as a NYPD clergy liasion and especially trained by the OEM and the Red Cross in emergency management, I was assiged as part of my responsibilities to assist members of the FBI and police that were responsibile to sift through all the ashes of the Twin Towers that were brought to a designated area in Staten Island. Some of those officers were Jewish and due to the circumstances wanted to eat only kosher food. I met with the Red Cross supervisor in their main building near the Brooklyn Bridge and he was more than happy to send a steady large supply of glatt kosher meals to that location. Needless to say not only were the Jewish officers elated, Moslem officers too were very thankful.


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