RED, WHITE, AND BOO-HOO: College Students Say They Are ‘Embarrassed’ To Be Americans

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A group of Georgetown University students said they were “embarrassed” to be American in shocking campus interviews ahead of the July 4 holiday weekend — but none of them could name a better country to live in.

Ophelie Jacobson, a reporter for Campus Reform, surveyed students from the private college in DC Friday about whether they were “proud” of the stars and stripes.

But instead of getting patriotic responses in the lead-up to America’s birthday, the reporter found that the majority of them struggled to say they were proud of being American — with several even admitting they were “embarrassed.”

One student told Jacobson, whose conservative news site is a higher-education watchdog, said: “I think a lot of things about this country are really embarrassing: racist history, colonization, even currently, just what’s going on with politics and the cops.”

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  1. they are not alone – most American LEGAL citizens are embarrassed with their country under this administration but people wait until 2022 and you’ll be PROUD TO BE AMERICAN AGAIN

    • No reason to wait until 2022 to be proud Americans again. President Trump already told us he’ll be back in August 2021, G-d willing. One of these days iy”H The Event will finally happen and even the snoozers will not be dragged out of bed.

  2. The unhappy luck says we are not the Americans who were happy 100 years ago and further back.

    It was once a chicken in every pot. Now its a tattoo on every jack tot. The unruly people are worse. The literacy rate is smaller. The practice of clean culture is worsening. The dress code is worse and worse every year. Modesty trips with each and every new fashion cycle. The ladies are more apt to show immodest wear even on television.

    Yes, I could bask the world but if these young criticize right, maybe their kids will be proud to be American. I can not even feel a nature when the hospitals are filled with ancillary personnel and even nurses who have tattoos so you can just jack your mood violent. It is a shame we even know what Abe Lincoln even had for dinner.

  3. If only these Naive Brats would know how fortunate they are for being raised in the United States of America!
    Let them go to gaza & sing & chant free free palastine.

  4. And I’m embarrassed that my country helps these thugs pay for college. And I’m embarrassed that my country gives stipends to colleges that spew and promote anti American sentiments with my tax dollars.


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