Reform Jewish Leaders Support Mosque Near Ground Zero


9-11-ground-zeroWPIX in New York reports: Reform Jewish leaders put on a love fest in front of the site of the proposed ‘Ground Zero mosque.’ “We are here in support praying to turn sorrow to joy and prejudice to welcome,” Ellen Lippman, co-chair of Rabbis for Human Rights, told PIX 11 News. “The great center will grow here offering prayer, learning, meeting, connection and friendship to all that enter.”Just yards from Ground Zero, located at 45 Park Place, the plans for ‘Cordoba Initiative Mosque and Cultural Center’ have drawn outrage and protests from families who lost loved ones on Sept. 11.

However, supporters say it is important to understand that Islam did not attack the World Trade Center, but rather a mutant strand of Islam. They say the mosque will promote tolerance and healing.

“We need this Islamic center to preach love and respect in contrast to those that preach hate and destruction,” said Rich Jacobs of the Westchester Reform Temple.

There is no time table when construction will begin here. However more protests will likely take place. According to a new survey, 61-percent of New Yorkers disapprove of the mosque.

“I hope that once it is built and the 61-percent…whoever they are…are able to come here and see it,” said Lippman. “They should come in and learn and be welcome … recognize the difference that they will see that and their minds will change.”

{WPIX TV/ Newscenter}


  1. what a joke the reform and the left jews, are they real jews, do they represent the real jews the reform and left jews are the same people at the time of WWII they do not inclued us reform jews if you can call them jews at all,these are the new muslim of america

  2. Comments 1 and 2 interest me. When I’ve seen people here say things that were deemed unsupportive of SMR, those people were told how we’re all one people, he’s our brother and father, etc. I thought it was wonderful that people were encouraged to be ONE people to support SMR.

    Yet this is what you say about your fellow Jews?

    FWIW, I’m a frum Jew that supports this mosque going in. I’m proud of the fact that the US is a place where all people can live and build houses of worship.

  3. to # 1 and probably many more likeminded short-sighted people. Remember the words of chazal ezehu chacham haroeh es hanolad. Today they want to ban a mosque tomorrow it will be a shul. Kudos to you reform for standing up for what is right in the face of good old fashioned bigotry which unfortunately we are all to used to.
    To be clear: i do not like mosques anywhere in the US let alone near ground zero. However they cant just be banned because we dont like them.

  4. How anyone can believe the ground zero mosque is an expression of pious intent is unnerving. Placing a mosque at that location has all the charm of a street gang placing its mark to put others on notice “this is our turff”


    Themosque is not free speech in that it is a pravokation, That promotes niether peace, tolerance or understanding
    Shame on these Reform Rabbis shame on anyone who supports this project

  5. Did you expect anything less? (BTW ‘J Street’ is on it too.)
    Now, to complete the ‘olam hafuch’ what I’d like to see:
    * American Cultural Center built at the Hiroshima & Nagasaki blast sites.
    * JFK Center in front of Fidel Castro’s house.
    * Achmi-shigana Propaganda Center at Auscwitz.
    * Center for Democracy in Tianemmen Square.
    * Kadafi’s tent pitched in Lockebry, Scotland.
    * …you got the drift
    But what will raelly be a harbinger of the comong of Moshiach:
    * Egypt rebuilding The Great Alexandria Shul!

  6. This is where the apologists have brought us with their “tinok shenishba” talk. Yes, there were places and are even today nebuch places where a Yid grows up amongst the goyim and never sees another Yid. But these people who have access to Yiddishkeit if they would only seek it out, nobody is holding a gun to their head and saying doon’t learn what it means to be a Jew.

    The reformers and the conservatives and the MO, sad to say are heretics.

  7. #5, It seems strange to meet how you missed the boat here.
    The thing that people are opposed to, is NOT a Mosque. Its a Mosque right next to ground zero.
    So don’t say today a Mosque tomorrow a Shul, because we aren’t opposed to a Mosque. Just to its location.

  8. I agree with #11. The issue is where, not what. Build it on Canal Street. Build it on West 16th Street. Anyone who can not see the evilness of building it at Ground Zero is blinded. On the other hand, if it goes through, then make it a three-religion center (okay, 5, add Buddhism and Hinduism), the way the chapels at JFK are lined up.

  9. Wouldn’t it be ironic if their mosque was built and finished before the World Trade Center was finished.

    This city deserves a slap in the face for allowing this to happen.

  10. #9 great post!
    Why is this news? Reform & Conservative Judaism have traditionally championed all and any Liberal talking points.

  11. Of course these idiots espouse the most ridiculous point of view possible on this issue. I can’t believe they don’t realize that the Moslems want them dead. Why don’t we hear about Imam’s supporting issues within Reform Judaism? PATHETIC as always!!!!!!!!


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