Reid: ‘Why Would We Want To’ Help One Kid With Cancer?

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harry-reid[Video below.] Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D., Nev.) asked why Senate Democrats would want to fund the National Institutes of Health to “help one child who has cancer” today when asked that question by CNN reporter Dana Bash.

DANA BASH: You all talked about children with cancer unable to go to clinical trials. The House is presumably going to pass a bill that funds at least the NIH. Given what you’ve said, will you at least pass that? And if not, aren’t you playing the same political games that Republicans are?

HARRY REID: Listen, Sen. Durbin explained that very well, and he did it here, did it on the floor earlier, as did Sen. Schumer. What right did they have to pick and choose what part of government is going to be funded? It’s obvious what’s going on here. You talk about reckless and irresponsible. Wow. What this is all about is Obamacare. They are obsessed. I don’t know what other word I can use. They’re obsessed with this Obamacare. It’s working now and it will continue to work and people will love it more than they do now by far. So they have no right to pick and choose.

BASH: But if you can help one child who has cancer, why wouldn’t you do it?

REID: Why would we want to do that? I have 1,100 people at Nellis Air Force base that are sitting home. They have a few problems of their own. This is – to have someone of your intelligence to suggest such a thing maybe means you’re irresponsible and reckless –

BASH: I’m just asking a question.

Full exchange on video here.

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  1. Ouch she just stepped on his toe’s this just shows all of you (that are still in dream land that the head of the dems are the nicest ppl) who they really are.I know its worthless

  2. According to the Institute of Medicine’s study in the 2000’s, at least 18,000 – 19,000 people a year were dying because they couldn’t afford medical care. In the richest, greatest country on earth. How many children died because they couldn’t get medical insurance? If they don’t have an alternate solution let them get out of the way. The “free market” in health care in this country kills people – children included. It only works for the insurance companies, the drug companies, and the rest of the “health care industry.” Where’s the alternative?

    (IOM is a branch of the National Science Foundation and the official US arbiter of medical research)

  3. The unwillingness to talk or recognize there are matters that rise above Obamacare is sad indeed. The notion that to offer insurance to the 15% of the population the system had to be revamped for everyone?
    Why can’t the president take the same hard line against Iran

  4. Oldtimer, for the record IOM is a branch of the National Academy of Sciences not the National Science Foundation. Which report are you getting the 18-19K deaths per year due to lack of medical insurance. I went to their site and could not find it.

  5. As an aside, if all of the efforts of the govt. would go into education of healthy eating, they would solve the healthcare mess that we are all in !!!

  6. #3:
    Even if what you say is true, Obamacare as it stands now only makes things worse. It raises premiums, and according to the government’s own projections, in 10 years there will still be 30 million people uninsured.

  7. while his attitude and his words are repulsive and I am sure many voters will be taking notice, it should be pointed out this lack of funding is only about scientific trials, that is to say, researchers won’t be paid and so the trials will be halted.

    In the clinical trial process, patients (who volunteer to do so) get randomly assigned to a proven treatment or to an experimental treatment, in order to compare effectiveness of the new drugs, with the purpose of approving them for sale. The new drugs by the way do not have to be more effective than old ones (the rationale is that a second-choice drug can be helpful to patients who have contraindication to older treatments) and at this point we don’t even know if they are effective at all in a human clinical setting. Patients eligible for clinical trials (a tiny fraction of those patients) may be offered the option to do so, and sign a lot of informed consent forms. The main benefit for patients is that the drug company that sponsors the trial covers significant medical costs for participants. Also, some people – also due to media hype, where new molecules tend to be presented as “the miracle drug” – genuinely believe that the new drug is the best for them, and so they grab the chance to – perhaps – receive it. But this is not about denying care to sick children.

    And I have to agree with Oldtimer’s very sad comment above.

  8. The Republicans are willing to help a few dozen kids with cancer, mostly hopeless cases, who have enrolled in NIH clinical trials. But their response to millions of kids who could not get insurance without Obamacare is that they should be left to die.

  9. Yup, folks. The big libs who profess to have the most mercy are the biggest commies and fakers on the planet. Anyone who voted for Obama or DeBlasio, thanks soooooo much.

  10. Charlie Hall,

    Despite your Liberal rhetoric, the emergency rooms were filled with illegals and others that had no insurance so no one was excluded from medical care.

    The current system is geared to destroy the wonderful medical system in the US that all the government based systems run to when they can’t get decent or adequate treatment such as England, Canada and Israel in some cases.

    Obamacare will skyrocket prices and drive doctors out and the death panels will not provide service to the elederly. This is the nightmare that you are preaching.

  11. MIESQ, Obama will talk to Iran, Obama will talk to Syria,Obama would talk with Putin. Given the chance, Obama would even talk with North Korea!

    Obama negotiate with Republicans? Never!

    All Federal spending is already “Hekdesh”. In the Liberals’ eyes, spending cannot be reduced — EVER.

    BTW — Can’t most people see how deplorably despicable Harry Reid actually is?


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