Released Hostage: ‘The Citizens Of Israel Hurt Me, They Reacted Negatively To My Release’

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Agam Goldstein-Almog, recently freed from Hamas captivity, shared her experience and emotions at the Local Government Convention on Sunday. She discussed the rescue operation that freed four hostages on Shabbos and reflected on her own feelings since her release.

Goldstein described her current state as surreal: “I feel like I’m in a hallucination since yesterday. It is so exciting and I can’t fathom it. On the day that I returned, I thought, ‘Wow, this morning I relieved myself in a tunnel.’ I see that the hostages who returned are overcome with feelings. They aren’t returning to their lives, they are rebuilding them from nothing. I still haven’t returned to life, I’m not in my house, I am contending with loss, I still haven’t touched the trauma.”

Expressing her pain, she said, “I am hurt by the citizens of Israel for things I did as well. I, 18-year-old Agam, lost my father and brother, but as far as the state is concerned, I’m Agam, and I returned from captivity. I received shocking reactions from people who live here on the same land as me. I came back after living with Arabs for 51 days. I got reactions as if you’re my enemies. Why would they react badly? It finished me.”

She also touched on the criticism she faced for discussing her captors: “I recounted things about the relationships I had with my captors and people didn’t like it. I presented a side of human interactions and for that, I was criticized. People’s reactions were tough.”

Goldstein questioned the judgment faced by returning hostages, stating, “Why are we judging the hostages who returned from captivity? Because they came back smiling? It’s a crazy experience which can’t be dealt with. I’m not sure it’s possible to understand and process it.”

She concluded with a call for continued efforts to rescue remaining hostages: “Thank G-d they got out safe and sound and met their families. We need to increase the pressure so everyone comes home smiling like that.”

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  1. I can’t even imagine the trauma she went through as a hostage of the inhuman Hamas. I hope she gets help to recover, not just physically, but mentally, too.

  2. This young lady has gone thru trauma, we’ll never understand. No need to publicize her statements however. Her comments will only be used politically, and that is further abuse. Hopefully she’ll get the proper personal help and guidance and will live a long productive life.


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